Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today marks a two year mile post for me. I'm so much better now. I want to thank God for yoking with me and carrying me through the rough times, but even more, I am thankful He abides even as I wonder or slip. My work at Permico and Living Waters Assembly Of God is taking everything I have. But I must admit, it's gotten a little easier, thanks to Jesus and His Love.

I also thank my wife for staying and fighting for the marriage. She is my comfort and my bride.
I know how bad I was. I see what damage and heartache I caused. The thing that has helped me and moved me forward is His forgiveness and the forgiveness I gave myself. That may sound odd and selfish, but one must forgive themself to ever hope to move to a better place.

This is a simple post from a very complicated man. I must return to zero to find the right perspective and purpose.