Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well here I am, some two weeks plus from my last post. So I have a little explanation, some observations, and hope you’ll all forgive me for being selfish and staying away so long.

First, for you working warriors out there, an honest question: Do you feel a “change” in your employers’ attitude towards you? Have expectations been altered?

From this guys hole in the fence I can assure you: You are not alone.

I’m going on two years now without a raise while my performance reviews continue to score in the 95 percentile. My job requires me to work different times on any given day. Enthusiastic flexibility is required. I just have caught this feeling in the wind that things are not looking good for small business and the trickle-down effect has been potent.

ImanObama continues to vacation (sixth time in just over 7 months) just to get away from the drumbeat of an angry and anti-government electorate. My last vacation was in March of 1987. Democrats can’t run from the President fast enough.

I praise God for Obama. He has single handedly awakened a hypnotized public from a costly sleep. He has shown America elections have consequences. These consequences were foreseeable, but the press failed to tell us who this man really was and McCain’s futile attempts to knock him down or even lay a glove on him makes him an accomplice.

I let not my heart be troubled because I see the last combat troupes left Iraq. These women and men who have endured in the most inhospitable of places fighting for freedom now know liberties’ price. They’re experiences change the game and the course of this countries future. They have my undying respect. Their families have my prayers. I hope they see the time they were apart was time well spent. They changed a shackled country into a fledgling democracy. Fragile as it is, it only takes a spark to get a roaring fire.

The CD project continues. We are close to mastering the disc.

According to this Obama has spent more stimulating the economy than Bush did on the Iraq war.
I wonder which result is actually better

A quick check around my friends and adversaries sites shows me the left has so little to talk about that’s positive, some seem almost suicidal. What they are doing is changing the template and the outrage and anger Americans now have will not allow them set that premise. What they do best is talk. If they’d shut up and listen they could save their butts.

Just a few quick hits here about topics of the day:
Just glancing around the headlines tells me some things never change.

Colorado is paying the bills on the backs of pot smokers according to this article. Diogenes will need to puff a lot more to pay for his states deficit, but at least we know they have high expectations.

Just when does this economy become this administrations problem and when are they expected to do something about it? The answer to both questions appears to be, "Not yet."

Six vacations in 8 months? My last vacation was in March of 1987. All these bills and laws that have passed, none of them were written by Obama. So just what is it he needs a break from? Maybe the better question is, “When do we get our break from this administration?”

Is NASA really the best tool to promote good relations with the Muslim world? In order to get a person to get terrorists to stop killing us, I guess it helps to be a rocket scientist.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I’m truly puzzled. I’m puzzled by the press and their silence on issues paramount in every ones mind. I may be the last man on the boat with this issue and if I seem redundant or obvious, I’m sorry, but that is the very reason I feel something needs to be said again. These people who call themselves journalists seem to lack the obligatory passion for truth. They as well as the rest of us are the protectors of liberty, but they even more so for they are the mouthpiece of America. There are durable reasons why people have been driven away from the network news programs. Those who curse and taunt people who watch Fox News are rebels without a clue: They get their news from a left leaning press and loony kook fringe news sites to serve their agenda against the right. But if you ask the basic question: Why have so many turned to Fox and away from CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC, The simplicity of the answer infuriates the left causing them to be defensive. It is that very attitude that manifests itself in their telling of the news. They had no problem calling president number 43 a liar, war criminal or comparing him to Hitler. We were invited and encouraged to speak out against our leaders.

Not so much now.

Doing so now makes you racist.
Saying no now means you’re standing in the way of progress.

Who’s progress? Excuse me for being contrary but I don’t see me or my family making much of any “progress” at all.

I see a lot of people who are friends of the left making progress.

I see a woman about to become Supreme Court Justice and she has never sat on the bench. The press must think that’s ok because I’ve heard hardly a word about her “experience”

It wasn’t ok five years ago though for Harriet Mires: A vastly more qualified candidate.

Silence from the press on the important issues such as a Supreme Court Justice speaks volumes. Their silence speaks not of bias, for that is merely a symptom. It speaks of slothful and irresponsible countenance of the loss of so much liberty so swiftly. I don’t watch network news because its bias, I choose Fox News because of its hunger for truth and creative investigative reporting. Those speaking against it are simply supporting laziness and a left agenda, which is redundant, sorry.