Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In a recent artical I came across shown here, we see a true physical illustration of why what I and most of my fellow conservative friends say is right and why what liberals do and think is wrong.

Americans hunker down in a recession, they normally do not move and stay put where they are. If they do move during slow economic times, they do so with purpose and prejudice. We are in a very slow economic time right now and the Census Bureau is telling us some very relevant information about how America thinks and what it wants.

The Bureau tells us Americans are moving out of certain states and moving into others.

Americans are moving out of:
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

Americans moved into:
South Dakota

In fact the state with the largest population growth last year is the state nobody lives in, except Dick Cheney, is Wyoming.

Ok… So the question is: In bad times people moved to Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota because______________


Is it low taxes?

Yes, these states have low and in some cases no income taxes, but that’s only part of the equation.

Is it cost of living?

Yes, it’s true these states have lower living costs, but again that’s just a small part of the answer.

What’s the biggie here?

Why would people pick up and move to these states when they can least afford to?


When is it the responsibility of the President of The United States to protect the interests and the people of his country?

How long will it be Bush and Cheney’s fault?

Dear God you people who voted in this egotistical intellectual sociopath are a real problem for the future of America. You need real help. John McCain was not the answer but at least he would have protected us from terrorists like this goofball who lit up his tighty-whiteys.

Is it not Obama who has sent some of these battle field captured zombies back to Yemen?
Yemen is the new breeding ground for al Qaeda.
How smart is it to pull your troops out of Iraq when Yemen is boiling with Islamic fascists?

Sure, Bush did it too and it was wrong then, but if this is “Change We Can Believe In” why, in the name of God, is Obama still doing it? Obama has the benefit of hindsight and yet he still does it. If he’s so wonderful as you moronic slobbering devotees say he is, why is he so feckless, dispassionate and spineless?

Sending these prisoners back to Yemen where we know al Qaeda has a huge organization is ridiculousness and may perhaps be grounds for impeachment for aiding the enemy in a time of war. This is a topic many are looking at today in the wake of the panty bomber attack.

I know what I'd be doing. But I will open up the discussion. Please stay on topic. What are your thoughts?

Monday, December 28, 2009


If Obama had anyone worth his paycheck advising him, he’d see the way out of the wars we are in and stop many of the problems Israel has all in one easy effort. Heck, if Obama were as smart as liberals told us he is, he’d figure it out without help. But alas Obama does not have the intellectual bill of goods we were sold nor has he surrounded himself with anyone who knows anything about the Middle East or how terrorism is supported, spread and supplied.

Here’s the simple answer: Help those revolting in Iran to overthrow their oppressive government. You stop all kinds of terror if you remove the leaders in power of Iran.

1. You stop military hardware (Missiles, guns, RPG’s, ammo, rocket launchers and rockets etc.) going into Iraq which kill American and allied solders.

2. You stop arming the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan which kill American and allied solders.

3. You stop arms shipments to Hamas and Hezbollah in Israel thus eliminating their ability to resupply and fight the war they wish to have with Israel.

4. You shut off the supply lines to possibly hundreds of other terror factions across the globe.

We know where the arms are coming from. We know who supplies al Qaeda across the globe. We know who finances their plots and fosters their growth.

Stop Iran, you stop a lot.

So why is Barack Obama turning his back on the people of Iran? Why would you not support a mutiny from within rather than a war we can’t afford? If moneys the issue, and it sure was when Bush was in office but seems less so now, why not take the easy road to victory?

Oops… I said the “V” word.


And while we're at it.....

This is how a lesbian thinks. The system worked????
This is how Bill Minnich and Dio-rreah believe the war should be fought.
This is the lefts idea of victory: Someone other than them stepping up to save us from the idiots they elected.

These jerks would piss on your leg and tell you, "It's raining!!"

“Luck is always the last refuge of laziness and incompetence.” James Cash Penney

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I would like to take some time here to thank those of you who come here, comment, ponder and offer insight on this blog. You all are very special people to me and the network we have forged is resilient and emergent. Though words are not enough, they are all I can offer you as we look towards Christmas and the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. His love and His light guide us: That’s the bond we share. Knowing Christ and serving Him in obedience means God stores our treasures in Heaven.

Obama pays now, God pays when the work is done. Render to Obama what is Obama’s and give God what is God’s.

First, I want to thank those who visit this blog from other countries. Those who may be just learning the English language (like me… reference my spelling) or are here in curiosity. Many are in areas where life is hard.

Though times are tough here in the States I can only imagine what it’s like where you are: The Philippines, India, Pakistan, Finland, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, China, Great Brittan, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Iran, Singapore, Sweden, Holland, South Korea, Australia, Laos, Bangladesh, Iraq, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada and Mexico. You all have come to read and some to even follow this blog. I am grateful for your time and appreciate you coming and you are always welcome to comment if you care to. May the Love of Christ fill your heart and may he abide there always, and may you be safe from terror and tyranny this New Year. This is my wish for you this Christmas.

Forty one of the 50 states visited here this year, by far a record. You have read and come to see my love for my country. I pray it has inspired you to love America more. The ascendance of the conservative movement with the Tea Parties, the marches on Washington, the Town Hall Meetings and so much more have come to represent a new political awakening in our country. Thanks to Obama, we are strong, alive and energized to take back America and return to what made her great: Christ, Capitalism, smaller Government and the pursuit of goals we can be proud of, not false change, bailouts, corporate welfare and socialistic programs which create and entitlement mentality and dependence.

In 2010 we rise again. Stay energized, stay vigilant and hold your representatives accountable for their votes and their words. My advice is to not give money to the party, but to the candidate you believe will bring us back to common sense in Washington.

Be Bold, Be Strong, and be blessed this Christmas, and may you come to know God better in 2010.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Annie Laurie Gaylor says she is persecuted and it’s all our fault. You see, she dislikes Christianity and religion. In an article from the far left wing Madison Wisconsin paper called Isthmus we get the picture of just how terrible life is for this woman.

This…woman…states: Gaylor urges critics to consider what nonbelievers are expected to endure. "Here we are, crosses everywhere we go, religious signs and steeples, and being preached at and told we're sinners 24/7 on TV and radio," she says. "And for the first time, we are being allowed to market our ideas too, and we have to be very clear about them."

Excuse me? Madison Wisconsin has crosses everywhere? Madison TV has religion preached 24/7 and on every channel?

Do you see me complaining about Family Guy being broadcast at the dinner hour? (Family Guy has never been on my TV and NEVER will be, but that’s when it’s on) Do you see me getting upset with all the network broadcasting swearing going on these days? The networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) used to have standards they never compromised. They could be counted on to give us family entertainment…No longer.

The moral compass has been smashed, swept up and thrown in the dumpster. This woman is as tyrannical as any person I have ever encountered. She says in the article she just wants to be able to express herself. You mean to tell me anti-religious rhetoric is suppressed in this country? This woman is evangelical in her fervor against religion. But people do not have the right to sue her to stop her crusade. Only the opposite is true: She can sue through The Freedom From religion Foundation (FFRF) to stop others from stating their faith and their beliefs.

This woman also says she just wants the chance to express herself and her atheistic viewpoint. Say what? Here she is being published in Madison’s second largest newspaper and she’s looking for platform?

Gaylor says she wants to be respected. What tripe. If that were true she would simply be saying “Please accept my choice to not believe in God” which I have no problem with whatsoever. But she can’t even talk to Christans without trying convert them to atheism first. She is lying by saying religion is everywhere she turns and on every street corner. In Madison? Street corners in Madison are not filled with folks breaking out in old time religion. Anne Gaylor is to atheists as Fred Phelps is to Christians. She is warping the idea of pluralism and tolerance in the United States. She may be closer to salvation than a lot of us if all she can find is religious programming on broadcast television in Madison. She sees God in everything. I mean is she that paranoid to see creeping Christianity under every word and phrase?

She also selectively publishes her hate mail each week in this paper with Christians who drop F-bombs at the drop of a penny so as to depict them as tormenters of her principles.

People like this have agendas too transparent for analysis: They hate… Pure and simple. They have no tolerance, yet they preach it.

She is like all liberals. Liberals like to spend other peoples money and then pat themselves on the back for doing good for others. Anne Gaylor will never understand the words God teaches because she knows them all to well and twists them to promote her schema.

Monday, December 14, 2009



Connecticut is a very liberal place. I’ve never been there but by nearly all political standards the place leans left. But today I am thankful for the people of Connecticut. Last year in a hotly contested election where a democrat beat out Joe Lieberman’s nomination for the Senate, Joe went rough and ran as an independent and as you well know, he won handily. Joe is not a democrat, and he is well suited with the label “Independent”. The people saw his character attacked when he left the liberals camp and decided he left them for good reason.

Now Joe Lieberman is the linchpin for healthcare reform and that pin has been pulled.

Appearing for an interview on CBS, Lieberman said of the Medicare proposal: "Though I don't know exactly what's in it, from what I hear, I certainly would have a hard time voting for it because it has some of the same infirmities that the public option did. It will add taxpayer costs. It will add to the deficit. It's unnecessary,"

Lieberman expressed his opposition twice Sunday: first in the CBS interview and more strongly later in a private meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, according to those in ear-shot, which some say could have been football fields away.

Democratic aides said Joe later told Harry Reid he would support a Republican-led filibuster against the bill if it contained the Medicare provision or permitted the government to sell insurance in competition with private companies.

Those same aides added that Lieberman had responded differently last week when Reid asked him privately about the proposed Medicare provision. "He voiced support for the idea," said one official. Lieberman's public comments last week were also generally favorable.

Though this could cause Democrats to oust Joe form his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, a post he holds at the pleasure of the Democratic-controlled Senate, I don't thing Joe is concerned, and indeed they may toss him out. But I have a feeling Joe would be rewarded in a backhanded way. I feel Republicans would be happy to give Joe a chairmanship after the 2010 election. I say that confidently because for two reasons:

1. The Democrats are going to lose the Senate. In a story today in The Washington Times, things are starting to fall apart for liberals. “Not to steal one of President Obama's favorite words, but in Illinois and Delaware, Republicans have a truly historic opportunity to win both the president and vice president's Senate seats, and we're fortunate to have the strongest possible candidates already in the race," said Brian Walsh, chief spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. "There is still a long way to go until the election, and we certainly expect polls will fluctuate, but it's clear that even in traditionally blue states, voters are demanding accountability and want to restore checks and balances in Washington," Mr. Walsh said.

In Illinois, where Democrats are still reeling from an explosive "pay to play" corruption scandal that led to the arrest and impeachment of Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich, five-term Rep. Mark Steven Kirk, the expected Republican nominee, is running for Mr. Obama's seat. The Democratic front-runner is state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, whom an opposing Democratic campaign adviser calls a "deeply flawed" candidate.

Illinois Republican leaders have been pounding Democrats for widespread corruption in the state's government, noting Mr. Giannoulias' ties to real estate developer and Democratic fundraiser Tony Rezko, who was convicted last year of fraud and money laundering.

"His family bank, where Alexi served as an officer, made loans to Tony Rezko, who is now sitting in a penitentiary," Republican state chairman Pat Brady said.

2. Republicans always reward conservative wisdom and leadership. They also have great respect for Joe and would love to coax him to come over to the right side of the isle.

These are not the only seats in deep trouble for liberals, but they are the ones pointed to as bellwethers of what is coming.

And rest assured, change for the better, not change for changes sake, is coming!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Dio-retic has sent out a plea to Nameless Cynic to help him because his back is against the wall. Dio-retic must feel I am overreacting. Not sure why he has not responded for himself in his multiple visits to this blog. Maybe he’s a bit gun shy.

So in his defense, he has enlisted the former Air Force cadet Bill (Why should I change for you) Minnich to come in here and smack me around while my mother’s life ebbs.

Instead of me allowing him to comment off the page, I have decided to use his comments to perform this interview. These are the words used by Bill Minnich in actual comments he has made. I have added nothing except my questions:

Eman: Good day Mr. Bill and welcome back to the arena of reality. Why would you come to a blog that has fact and truth as its principles?

Bill: I'm just curious.

Eman: Oh I see. So you come here to defend your little lap dog I assume.

Bill: “Are you for real?”

Eman: Bill I assure you everything you see and read on this blog is very real. I brought it to life just for that reason. I intend to shine the light of truth on your very dark and rudderless friend and on you as well. This is my quest, my passion. I am also a man of my word. I intend to make good on what I say because words mean things here.

Bill: “So…based on him asking if your mother let you out of the basement, you're feeling violent?”

Eman: Who said anything about violence Bill?

Bill: Is that how this is playing out?

Eman: Did I say anything violent to your little lap dog Bill?

Bill: I mean, come on. I've still got "Uncle Slam" (among other names he uses) sending responses to me, even after he was voted off the island. (You've got them too - the difference is, you still print them - not clear why that is...) I just delete them without reading them.

Eman: Now that you have vividly displayed your AADD ( that’s Adult Attention Deficit Disorder for those of you in Rio Rancho) and changed the subject Bill, where did I say anything violent to Dio-rreah?

Bill: You've heaped abuse on him for months. But based on him asking if your mother let you out of the basement, you're feeling violent.

Eman: The verbal abuse you speak of was NEVER started here. It began on your blog Bill, (which you still printed… Not clear why that is…) and I chose to defend my honor, which I have and which I have the right to defend even though you did not step in to stop him when it continued. I can’t help it if Dio-rreah comes to a verbal altercation unarmed. Is that why he asked you to come here today and defend him?

Bill: Is that how this is playing out?

Eman: Yes it is Bill. You lack the facts, but I don’t hold you accountable, I mean, after all, you’re a liberal.

Bill: You've heaped abuse on him for months.

Eman: Feels like years Bill, but I digress. He came to my blog first. I did not invite him or encourage him to stay, but he persisted, and his verbal assaults and insults were the garden variety verbiage of a third grader with a bad vocabulary. He initiated and he persisted. Now I don’t know about you because after all you’re Air Force assertions have come into question by Uncle Slam and to be honest, he has some valid points that beg verification, but I defend myself Bill. You recently called me “chubby” and did I respond to this? No. Why did you say that Bill?

Bill: This is what Jesus would do.

Eman: I see. So he is one you emulate now?

Bill: Is that how this is playing out? I mean, come on. Are you for real?

Eman: As real as Jesus is Bill.

Bill: After all the sick, sad things you've said about Diogenes, after all the things you've said about both him, and about me. You’ve got…what? A 10 mile by 10 mile picture of some city in America?

Eman: Bill, you and Dio-rreah are sad, and sick, and the picture is Dio-rreah’s neighborhood in Colorado Springs. I’m sharing information with him, to let him know I know where he lives.

Bill: I'm just curious… you feeling violent?

Eman: Time heals wounds Mr. Bill but this one cut me deep. One thing you liberals always want to do is take our guns away. Now I know why: So you and Dio-retic feel safe talking like a jackass. I want to meet him. I want to ask his neighbors what they think about him. I want to look my accuser in the eye, and I have that right, unless you say I don’t and then of course, I would not have that right because a liberal said so. I know what you’re thinking Bill. You want to save your friend from any pain I may cause him. It’s all about feelings with you liberals. (That and the recipes you have placed on your blog the last few weeks…not clear why that is but… Yes I visited after I saw your comments here…Just for giggles)

Bill: So, let me be clear on this…

Eman: No Bill, you can’t be clear. That’s the whole problem. You and your Dio-retic friend muddy the water and piss on my Wheaties every chance you get, and I no longer wish to listen to your intellectually sophomoric manure. This is between Dio-rreah and me. Let the wimp fight for himself. You can leave now and like your friend, you are not welcome back. Some people cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go. You would be the ladder. So go…Make us happy Bill.

And Merry CHRISTmas!!!

(All words used in the “Bill” responses were taken directly from his two comments posted last night on this blog. Female voice of “Bill” impersonated. All Rights can be found in “The Bill Of Rights” at the Library of Congress or your local WI-FI network.)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I would ask you all please to scroll down
to my “GIVE THANKS” posting.
There in the comment section you will read Diogenes comment.
(Yes I know it is him , though he posted "Anonymously"
 because he posted the comment at
the time he was on my blog and no one else was
here for over an hour after or before) 
He does this as my mother lays dying in the hospital.

This worm who calls himself Diogenes may one day pass your way.
He is not close to human or fit to be glanced at.
Words cannot express how I feel about
this piece of human garbage tonight.

I will no longer dignify him with responses here.
I will, however, respond.
It will be worth the air fare.
Only God Himself can judge a person like this.
It’s up to me to arrange the meeting.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You know, this situation has become so blatant. I am truly amazed by those who are standing in the gap of what is now exposed as a two decade old crapcake. Those who stand in support of the trumped up science can now be described as one who takes something for the purpose of self gratification. The reason these “Earthers” wanted no debate is because, in the realm of truth and fact, they have no standing. They called dissenters fools and neo-cons. They called them uninformed, misguided, stupid, ignorant and worst of all, Republicans. They unplugged their microphones when facts were being presented. They did not allow them public debate or even a chance to challenge you. They used money to skew scientific data and bribed those who willingly bent to your agenda.

Now under investigation is a climatologist from Penn State University who was sending and receiving many of the emails which have come to light since their publication on the internet. A British professor has stepped down as head of his department because he is implicated in the emails as well. The ripples of this blatant suppression of facts and doctoring of readings and fudging data in order to support the global warming theory are being seen even as I tap the keys of my keyboard. They are investigating in Madison Wisconsin, in Australia, Europe Canada and Asia.

These are real professional people in high profile jobs and heads of very well funded facilities. Why are these people so willing to embrace the dubious theory of man induced global warming? Why would the stake their career and livelihood on this when no proof actually exists?

Folks, the facts are if man made global warming is a fact, then man could fix it.

But these professors and professional people are out there selling this idea and the fact of the matter is, they are just like whores: Out there selling they’re academic souls for cash. They are hookers. Maybe worse than hookers because I’d have more faith the hooker could do something worthwhile for the money: That hooker isn’t trying to shut down free markets or cripple the economy or destroy industries here in the United States, she’s just trying to make her thirty bucks! These professional academic acolytes have nothing. Not one iota of truth at all. And they’re asking us to all buy into their claims and threaten us with doomsday forecasts if we don’t pay up. Al Gore makes millions pushing GARBAGE that has real impact on human lives.

Well I never drank the kool-aid. I know a nut job when I see one and Al Gore is a nut job. He’s a very rich nut job right now, but I believe that will soon change. This bloviating narcissist who has delusions of godhood will soon be telling us the temps are going to go down, and then will rise again.

Katie bar the door oh the humanity… we are having … weather!!!!!!!!!

But in the meantime Obama and his merry men will tax us out of our quality of life, spend fortunes on con artists all over something we have nop control over at all.

Shame on you who bought into this. Your lust for money has shown you to be nothing but whores. Climate whores. You who said this would be a decade of the most volatile weather the planet has ever seen has been shown to be the most quiet series of hurricane seasons in my lifetime. We have had 2 major hurricanes in the last 5 years and none have hit populated areas. A few typhoons, but that’s it. These people said it was the Atlantic that would become a hurricane nursery of baby-boom proportions. The Atlantic is now exiting one of its calmest periods in the last 100 years. We barely had a rain storm come out of the Atlantic this year people!

So where are the alarmists now???

They’re in bed with Reid and Pelosi and Obama, just like the whores they truly are.