Sunday, March 27, 2011


I’m prayed up. I’ve worshipped my King this day and I’m feeling curious about my life this week. I know my plans need to be flexible because my job demands I’m available all the time. I want to be well informed about what is happening. The fact is, we are at war: War in three countries. Men and women are placing there lives on the line for my life. There is no greater love than this. This is what God has said.

This latest battle was all about timing. It was about decisive actions and focused clout. It was doing what was being asked of us in a way that assured greatest success. So we have been waiting. Waiting for our President to tell us just what is this new conflict about. There was no Oval Office speech. There was a South American trip. There was no news conference: that was canceled, leaving reporters dumbfounded, and the American people to guess what was going on by what the press allowed us to see. We sure did not see much we wanted to see, I can tell you that for sure.

How much grace will we afford this President? Would anyone be upset had this been a Republican President? It’s been more than a week folks. A Freaking WEEK!

ABC News had Defense Secretary Bill Gates on “This Week” along with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.  In that interview they are asked, “Do you think Libya posed an actual or imminent threat to the United States?”
“No, no,” Gates said in a joint appearance with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “It was not -- it was not a vital national interest to the United States, but it was an interest and it was an interest for all of the reasons Secretary Clinton talked about. The engagement of the Arabs, the engagement of the Europeans, the general humanitarian question that was at stake,” he said.
Gates explained that there was more at stake, however. “There was another piece of this though, that certainly was a consideration. You've had revolutions on both the East and the West of Libya,” he said, emphasizing the potential wave of refugees from Libya could have destabilized Tunisia and Egypt.
“So you had a potentially significantly destabilizing event taking place in Libya that put at risk potentially the revolutions in both Tunisia and Egypt,” the Secretary said. “And that was another consideration I think we took into account.”
During his campaign for the Presidency, in December, 2007, Barack Obama told The Boston Globe that “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”
Earlier in 2007, then-Senator Hillary Clinton said in a speech on the Senate floor that, “If the administration believes that any -- any -- use of force against Iran is necessary, the President must come to Congress to seek that authority.”

At this point, I would just like answers:

One cognizant message coming from… maybe even two people…would be nice. We are all over the map with this guy and the message changes from hour to person to hour to person. It’s incoherent.  But this is getting well down the freeway from ridicules now and we are in “What-the-heck-are-you-doing-ville.”  The accomplice press is like deer in headlights. They won’t ask the man tough questions they’d ask…most anybody else. This is just pie in the sky worship. Having us believe this President is so intellectual, so nuanced, that we are not ready to hear Him Speak the Words!

We need leadership Mr. President. You can’t seem to lead. You talk for days and days and then we get six different messages. You get hacked off because some your own party is calling your actions impeachable and are asking how this is not an impeachable offence to The Constitution. You go on a trip to Rio as men and women are placed in harms way. You play golf and have state dinners and the American People are in the dark as to why you did this so slowly if your intent was to do it all along?
You, Mr. President, are creating chaos where none need exist.
I pray for you each night. Are you listening to God sir?
You see, I wonder about that. If you were listening to God,
you would be decisive and focused and our in front where leaders go.
You were absent when your country need answers Mr. President.
You are failing U.S.
                     Mr. President.                                    

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Does this man have no soul? Is he really this stupid? Does he not understand how anti-American he sounds when he does things like THIS!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Lord, I need to talk with you today. My heart is aching and it just will not stop. I’m trying to put my faith where my fear is, but Lord it is more difficult today than I can imagine. I’ve grown angry at my countries leader. Lord, there are some things I just cannot countenance.
Today, as an American, I am unable to support my President today.
 I hear people saying things like, “He hasn‘t the ability to speak the truth because there’s no truth in him.” Can this be true? More importantly can the American people actually have these feelings about there leader? People are calling him things like, “Apologizer-In-Chief, Marxist-In-Chief, Divider-In-Chief, Ummm-In-Chief, Bower-In-Chief, Debtor-In-Chief Golfer-In-Chief, NCAA-Bracket-In-Chief, WH Partier-In-Chief, ANTI-Constitution-In-Chief” and the like. He has to hear this. He must know what people perceive him to be, yet today he takes off on yet another vacation to Rio.
Lord help me for I have no way to defend these actions.
Disappointment and regret have led to deeper, more emotional outbursts and fits of rage than would be acceptable. Every night, my son, my wife and I call upon your name, and for many reasons, but we always close by asking you to give this countries leaders your grace, your wisdom and your direction.
My distress is born of the fact that this President will not lead.
Even those around him are turning and walking away.
He seems rudderless.
It should not have come to this. These are our leaders, oh Lord. Yet after Tunisia in December and Egypt in January, the administration cannot say it was caught off guard by developments in Libya. A full month since brave revolutionaries stood up to the dictator Muammar Qaddafi, and two weeks since President Obama declared that Qaddafi had lost legitimacy and must go, the Obama administration still has no defined objectives or plan of action. The administration hasn’t even extended recognition to the opposition National Council, who at the moment is the only organized political alternative to Qaddafi.

Even the French have taken this minimal step.

Today I see him more concerned with a basketball tournament than our troops. He spends his time working on his NCAA brackets and a seemingly blind eye to the devastation of Japan. His statement yesterday implying Japan was strong enough to pull out of this on its own has caused me to become livid with him. At one time or another, all Americans have questioned his heart, not being convinced by his words which claim you to be Lord. What we see today is a President whose ego is unconscionable. The people of Libya have been calling for America to come to their aid for weeks. They fight against a tyrant who has no mercy and no other mission but to destroy the people’s effort to be free of him. They are dying in the streets because he will not help them. And today he is taking his family on yet another vacation.

I ask for you to give me wisdom, for I do not know how to explain this to my son. Lives are being snuffed out while he talks to America about how he puts one team over another. Where can I go with such rage? I need your help oh God. For I am at a point now where I can no longer listen to him, pray for him or follow him on anything. Please Father, help me I pray. People are dying and he could not care any less than he does right now.
Or could he?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


You don’t need to work hard at discrediting a person who discredits themselves. Bill Minich is a man who invokes God’s word as a means to discredit people like me who use The Holy Scriptures as a conduit to Christ’s Salvation. He despises religion and treats the scriptures with such revulsion, yet he appeals to them and uses them as if they suddenly have meaning or principles. Thus he gets to walk on both sides of the fence with a fence post sticking out of his brokeback mountain backside.

Here’s a little truth Bill will never understand: In this act he obliterates his integrity. It is the height of hypocrisy: Something he claims and complains conservatives and evangelicals do with amazing consistency. It’s so easy to point to others immorality when you don't have morals yourself. Well, thats Bill all over. He's "easy."
Interesting his Facebook Page has a picture of the "School House Rock" Bill. In this jingle "Bill" sings "I hope and pray that I will but today I am still just a bill." Now explain to me why a man who attacks Christians would choose such a picture to represent his "too ugly for a camera to produce" face. You don't pray Bill, you just prey on Christians.

It's called facebook Bill. Not con book or fag book or both ways book or stool sample book.

I swear if he had a brain he'd just quiver on the floor like a bowl of jello on a bad Japanese morning.

Well, after long talks with a number of good Godly men, many of whom deal with these pagan pissants daily. They seem to agree that it is time to stand up for Christ, for His people and His Kingdom. That turning the other cheek is not possible when every cheek has been offered up for wiping. It is time for harsh language and clarity, which go hand in hand. Words mean things, and these soph-morons use harsh language each day to batter Christians and conservatives into submission.

I’ve had folks on this blog tongue lash me for calling Bill, among other things, a fagot, an idiot, and a queer get the point. I appreciate your sentiments and I know you mean well, but I mean to be mean.
This punk is vomit. He has not one redeeming quality. He uses my air and my resources and this is unacceptable.
Behold the tripe from this intellectual sociopath he wrote last Christmas:
Tuesday, December 21, 2010
The Bible before Solstice
Happy Solstice (if that's what you're into). The goddess Uzza gives us this reminder of all that's come before.

Twas around winter solstice, alone in the house
I was reading the Bible, as quiet as a mouse.
The stories were thrown in the book without care;
contradictions abounded, mistakes everywhere.

I could not understand, or believe what it said,
its tall tales of people come back from the dead;
original sin, which was such a bum rap,
blood sacrifice, curses, and other such crap.

When deep down inside I knew something's the matter
I sprang to the web to make sense of such chatter.
Away to the Google I flew like a flash,
to try and make out heads or tails of this trash.

The search engine gave me back millions of hits;
molesters, and con men, and other such shits.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but hundreds of gods from the earliest year.

With a little old edit, the story of Horus
I knew in a moment it must be the sou-rce.
More numerous than seagulls, gods and goddesses came,
and I whistled, and marveled, and called out their name;

Osiris! Adonis! Dionysus! Mithra!
There's Attis and Ishtar! And Baldr and Krishna!
To the land of the dead! Down to hell they all went,
to the underworld, after their lives were all spent.

Like fertility symbols these gods they all die,
and then get resurrected, back up in the sky.
So back up to heaven these deities flew,
to start new religions, and Jesus did too.

Right there in the gospels, just like you would guess,
a brand new Messiah turned up in this mess.
As I willingly tried to suspend disbelief
from the pages this Jesus guy came like a thief.

He was beat all to shit, from his head to his foot,
and put onto a cross just like Horus was put;
His birth in a manger, and marked by a star,
that's a detail he stole from the Goddess Ishtar.

His magic trick changing his water to wine,
was a ripoff of Bacchus who used to brew 'shine.
He claims to have brought people back from the dead,
that's just like the other gods—what they all said.
And in some of his stories he acts like a cad:
“Hate your mother and father! Don't bury your dad!”
Sends his guys to steal donkeys, and kills farmer's pigs,
and cusses a tree out for not giving figs.

He's a crazy old preacher, who just seems kind of silly
though I had to admit that his book was a dilly,
that tried hard to steal those old stories by stealth,
and I laughed when I read it, in spite of myself.
A shift of my eyes and a twist of my head,
to the headlines, told me I had nothing to dread:
all the Pope's rules have been shown not to work,
evangelicals picket, and act like a jerk;

They cry “war on Christmas” and make silly fusses,
when we put up billboards, or signs on our buses.
But to all the fanatics I give this epistle,
away from your church people fly like a missile,
And I have to exclaim, on this solsticey night,
that millions of us, without gods, are alright.

Ok..I'm back from the bathroom. God forgive me for this reprint but this illistrates his...well whatever

Here it is Bill. You go ahead and write your little blog but I will be on you like flies on the manure you spew from that brain God gave you. I will call you out each and every day, if that’s what God tells me to do, for I do this in love and obedience to the call of God. Bill's type will no longer be chided and left to trample my God and my Savior. I have a little something for him I will be giving him soon. I can’t wait to see the look on his face. I’ll be sure to take a picture. For you see, this little man, with the big words and the big blog, will meet a 6’ 3” 260 pound former defensive lineman with one hell of a head of steam. Rest easy friends, I’m going to get busy busting his chops. Bills blogging bull crap trap is now officially a target. He will not have his way with this Christian any longer. Bet your last dime on that. I’ve delt with dumber people than this who were bigger than he is.
You better bring it Bill, because you’ll only get one chance to use it.


I’ve just spent the last two full days working to bring Christ to those whose lives are just a mess here in Wisconsin. If Michigan is a train wreck then Wisconsin is on the same track. Liberals have spent us into astounding debt. Why is it Obama gets to say “Bush left me with…" And Scott Walker can’t say “Doyle left this mess.”?
I went with Tom Stamman, seen here, and Impact Ministries International (IMI) into the poorest of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

Let me say without pause: Tom Stamman is a God-filled amazing Prophet. And yes, he is very much a prophet.  I could only hope to walk at his side and I am forever greatful for the experience we shared these last two days.

Sauk county is where the famous “Wisconsin Dells” is located. Huge water parks, towering hotels, restaurants by the hundreds all line the streets of this area.

The owners of these parks and places all live elsewhere.
And that’s just where the money goes too: Elsewhere.
The people here work hard but there is no work. Winter is hard on the Dells area and the jobs dry up for eight months a year. Most homes are for sale or abandoned. We brought a positive message of grace and healing and God’s undying love, and for a time, things were better. But I know, now that I am back home, things will only change when people are given the power to change them. It’s easier to run a marathon than start a business in WI. right now. The restrictions and fees and taxes and permits and regulations have made starting a business too expensive for the banks to loan. Oh the banks have the money, lots and lots of money to go around, but no one is about to step out of their fear and apply for money and banks are not ready to lend. What Doyle did was remarkably criminal. And to look out past that and see what democrats in Washington have done with my son’s future makes me angry. Yet even in the small town of La Vell, there were union picket lines on main street in town. When I confronted them and asked them how this budget of Walkers will affect them personally, they gave only vague references to lower income as comebacks. Wretched. So filtered from the recession by their endless sick days, vacation days, personal days, holidays and snow days, they have no idea what the rest of us are enduring. On the second day, Tom Stamman and I confronted protesters near the library, where our meeting was, and across the street from the residence that hosted us. We made up posters to support Walker and stood in the cold across the street from the union people for more that two hours. Once they saw who we were and what our signs said, they called out the thugs and their group grew from five people to more than 30. But Tom and I persisted and we got more honks waves and calls of support than the union people did. My sign said “Unions are Parasites” on one side and “Unions – No! Latino’s Yes! on the other. That’s when the racial slurs started to come from across the street. I was accosted by a large union thug who got in my face and asked if I liked Mexicans. I said their work ethic and family values echoed my own, and therefore yes I did. He pushed me and questioned my patriotism. “Are you touching me? Are you pushing me?” I said loud enough for all to hear, and he pushed again. Tom came over and told him if he touched me again that I would have the right to defend myself.

He swore at me and stepped back.

I was ready for a fight. He apparently, was not. I was disappointed, but fine with that. After all I'd seen, I was ready to fight for these poor folks.

We fed good food to good people. We gave them a message of grace and faith and a promise to return in May. To my new friends in Sauk County, God’s peace and my prayers remain with you. To the union thug, I gave a piƱata. No candy inside.

My perspective has changed. My priciples have not. I want to have a chat about one such liberal who is no stranger to these pages but is no less complicit in the plot to break America in my next post

Be afraid Bill. Be very afraid.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Here in this artical, we see just how liberals make there point, or should I say "hollow point." as in the dozens of rounds of ammo found around the capital building since protesters were dispersed.

In the artical, it says, "Police made a disturbing discovery today outside the Wisconsin state Capitol Building -- dozens of rounds of live ammunition.

The building has been the scene of angry protests by thousands of people over Governor Scott Walker's proposal to curb the collective bargaining rights of state workers.

Deputies found eleven rounds at one entrance to the building, 29 rounds at another, and a single bullet was discovered at a third entrance.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Chief Susan Riseling says all of the bullets were hollow points -- one of the most deadly kinds of ammunition.

It's not known who left them behind.

This is the new civility the left screams for friends. It's called blood. We here in Wisconsin are at war. Does anyone realize the consequences?

And then there is the 7.5 Million dollars it will cost to repair the marble walls, floors and columns.
These are thugs, looters and thieves. They are not Wisconsin, but they will get what's coming to them.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


President Obama's Intervention in Wisconsin Violates Constitutional Obligations, Abuses Office

By Peter Morici

President Obama's intervention in the dispute between Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker and public employee unions violates his constitutional obligations to ensure representative democracy in each of the several states and abuses special privileges he enjoys as President.

Across the country governors and state legislatures are grappling with tough budget deficits made worse by union contracts that guarantee workers more generous retirement and health care benefits than enjoyed by their private sector counterparts.

Governor Walker faces a $3.6 billion dollar shortfall over the biennium beginning July 1. He is seeking legislation requiring state workers, who currently contribute little or nothing to pensions, to kick in 5.8 percent of wages, and to pay 12.6 percent of the cost of health insurance. In return, he promises no layoffs-compared to private sector workers, those are great terms.
The rub-he wants to curtail, but not eliminate, collective bargaining by state workers, and require their unions to submit to annual recertification elections. Notably, many states limit or deny state workers collective bargaining rights.

Democratic state senators in the minority have fled the state to deny the upper chamber a quorum and shut down the legislative branch of government.

President Obama, through his private political organization and the Democratic National Committee, has helped mobilize a massive influx of outside demonstrators in Madison, supporting the shut down and frustrating the outcome of the November election, which brought Governor Brown and Republican majorities to power.

Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution, states "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government..." By supporting and facilitating outside agitators in Wisconsin to extend the shutdown of the legislature, the President is failing in his constitutional obligation to ensure that voters can effect laws through the ballot box.
It is important to recognize the President is not intervening via federal authority to enforce a U.S. law or civil rights, but rather using the prestige of the presidency and personal resources to disrupt in the deliberations and lawmaking functions of a state legislature-acting within its state and federal constitutional authority-and indeed encouraging the shutdown of constitutional government in that state.

In the private sector, unions represent less than 8 percent of workers, because an increasingly well educated and professional labor force does not find them relevant, as did less educated industrial workers who dominated the non-agricultural labor force in the decades after World War Two.

Public sector unions enjoy a superior relevance to their members. If a private union negotiates wages and benefits that make its employer uncompetitive, the business fails and workers lose their benefits. Government workers and their employers face no similar competitive restraints, and often organize politically to ensure their bosses-governors and legislators-are pro-union.
Now in Wisconsin and several other states, voters have chosen governments that would rebalance the relationship between public employers and organized labor. The reforms proffered by Governor Walker are not as radical as laws denying collective bargaining, for example, in Virginia and several other states.

Under U.S. law, the scope of public sector workers' right to collective bargaining is the legitimate province of state legislatures, and the intercession of the President of the United States into the lawmaking functions of a state legislature is an illegitimate use of federal executive power.

Presidents enjoy a peculiar status in U.S. law. Federal courts are disinclined to adjudicate the acts of sitting presidents, fusing their private and official personality under the law.

President Clinton only faced the genuine litigation-both criminal and civil-from Special Prosecutor Ken Starr and other plaintiffs after his term in office was concluded. Mr. Starr likely concluded that short of high crimes and misdemeanors, which are the exclusive province of the House and Senate, Presidents, as heads of state, can't be indicted.

President Obama by acting through his private political machine is abusing his special status. He is providing resources to aid and abet the shutdown of constitutional government in Wisconsin.