Friday, July 30, 2010


Today I ended a two week period in which I had one day off. (Sunday) I have had no time to asses the damage from the July 29th storm which destroyed our two room tree-house in the woods we own, as well as snapping a second mighty oak tree in half nearby. In two weeks I have slept ony 47 hours. My time has been in Whitefish Bay north of Milwaukee helping thousands of people whose homes were flooded in storms the prior week. My company lost fifteen hundred dollars when a home we were drying re-flooded. This month will be looked back at as a time when war stories were burned into my memory. I have seen natures’ wrath up close once again. Tomorrow I will scout the property for more damage which may be lurking in damaged trees ready to fall etc. The opportunities to witness have been extraordinary. I have seen a side of people no one wants to see: deep multiple losses and their homes, uninhabitable. Family treasures at the curb, being taken by garbage collectors and the collectors of garbage. I can’t remember praying more than I have the last two weeks. It has been profound.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Here we have Peggy West who is latino woman of the year and a member of the Milwaukee Common Counsel. She is a die hard liberal. She proposed a boycott of Arizona by the city of Milwaukee this week. This is a window into the mind of liberals. This is how they think. This is what they know. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter who shot the video and was present at the time did not report this for fear of charges of racism from the community. This video is now over 3 million hits with postings on the Rush Limbaugh show and nearly every national news outlet and many international news pages as well. She lived in Mexico. She is also, an idiot.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Personal Note:

This is a note to explain to my friends here in blogland what will be happening soon. The blog entries will be fewer over the next few weeks as I focus most of my discretionary time to the release of my new 16 song CD. This is a project which I have worked on for 5 years. I play all the instruments and do the majority of the vocal work. My wife, my brother Jeff and members of my old band, Saved By Grace, also helped and I am thankful for their hard work. This will be my third CD but my first solo work.The CD is the first of three: A trilogy of songs I wrote long ago mixed with new songs written with my new band. The band is nearly ready to perform and our first concert is this week, playing at Delavan’s new Band Shell in Phoenix Park. I lived in Delavan over 25 years attending all the schools in that city as a child. (I would say I grew up there but that hasn’t happened yet) From the response I have witnessed, this should be a very fun evening. So I will be away from the blog for two weeks as I finish the art work and master the music for release in September. Thank you for your understanding. See yah then…