Monday, September 19, 2011


I cannot believe that this…President… Does not see how bad he looks today.
He makes us all wait for two weeks for his big speech on jobs. Then gives the speech, and tells us the actual bill may be ready in…two….weeks.
After another….Yes... ANOTHER...Vacation.
Are you kidding me?
You are joking, right? Mr. President? This is a gag…right? You’re trying to lift our spirits with humor….right?
Even Chicago newspapers are urging him to not run for a second term, and for very good reasons. Not the least of which is we can't afford another 4 years of vacations every three months. Could someone please offer up a Primary Challenge to this fool?


Friday, September 9, 2011



We remember that day, Sept.11th 2001.

We remember 3,497 people lost that day.

We remember because remembering is to honor.

To honor is to value.

And what we value shapes who we become.

Throughout scripture, God urges us to remember.

The sacrifices made.

The freedom gained.

The promises kept.

The faithfulness of God.

Through signals, sacraments and Holy disciplines, God urges us to always remember, for he knows what remembering does inside of each of us.

Remembrance gives purpose to our past by drawing wisdom, strength and resolve from our pain and loss.

Remembrance brings gratitude for those ordinary people who became extraordinary heroes. 

Remembrance strengthens community, as we discover what God does thru us when we are unified.

Remembrance provides perspective, of what God has done on our behalf in spite of our fears and worry.

Remembrance reignites hope in what God will bring us thru today and forever. Because God is faithful, even in our darkest hours, God is always there.

Whatever we face today, whatever trial it seems we cannot endure, remember, God has always brought us through.

And He always will.
This is why we remember.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Different Year Same Result

So here we are, on the day (Thursday) that the new NFL Season starts, and I am always asked what this year will bring. Now last year, I predicted them to be 12 and 4. Not bad. I said they would beat New Orleans in the NFC title game, which they did win, but it was da bears. I said they would lose to the Ravens in the Super Bowl, which I was dead wrong on both counts, thank God.

This year we have a new 100 million dollar quarterback in the NFC North: Michael Vick. (You know, I just can’t stop laughing about that… I just can’t stop…) We have da bears and their quarterback, who has the million dollar arm and the ten cent brain, not to mention a linguini spine. And we have every ones favorite losers, The Lions.

So after about 14 seconds of deep thought, here are my predictions…

13 and 3

Nothing but the Super Bowl will do…

We Beat the Chargers 34 to 20.