Sunday, November 14, 2010


I hope this post finds you all healthy and, hopefully, working. It’s time for a rant. I’ve been away too long not to come back and give you all what you come here for, which is my perspective. So, since you asked…

THE ELECTION: No time to gloat really. We all knew what was going to happen, we just had to wait and do our civic duty. So far, what I hear is really good. If they stay on the focus that Washington has a spending problem and not a revenue or tax problem, as has been stated, we are taking a big step in the right direction. The layers of redundancy in many social programs have one agency saying another is the one that will help you and they just push you around and around. No one seems to have or employ common sense. If we really want to save money, we need to stop having five agencies for one purpose.

We need term limits and we need to stop generational theft. Just paying the interest on the debt is a huge burden on the people. I’ve heard the figure $43,000 is what every man woman and child owes. If that’s true, that’s just nuts.

The fact is a President with half a brain would see this and do what is right: Stop spending. This one won’t. His intent is unclear. But any realistic approach would include spending cuts and the elimination of redundant entities within the government. This is how the right must now hold the high ground and continue on offence rather then listen to the left’s responses, which are rife with lies the press repeats. Stay on the principles the people you represent dictate. Turn a deaf ear to them and you’re through.

 My son played organized football for the first time this fall. Because he made the commitment, I told him I would coach. I asked my pastor, Kurt, to help me coach and he said he would. He ran the offence and I ran defense and Special Teams. Well, two weeks ago we played our last game, winning all six games we played. We scored 142 points and our defense allowed only 25 points in those six games. To my great friend and Sheppard Kurt, and all those sixth graders, Jack, Alex one and Alex two, Josh, Bryce, Carm, Riley, Andy, Walker (the Animal) Myles, and my son, thank you for the greatest season I have ever been happy to share. You kids are going to be great. Keep up the grades and never let anyone tell you your dreams are too big or your God is too small. I will never forget what you guys did for me. God’s Blessing on you all!   
Hey hey how about dem Packers? We dump Harris, we have 8 men on injured reserve (IR) and Head Coach just placed an order for 7 more hot tubs. We have 6 wins and three losses and are tied with Da Bears for top spot in the North Division. Though we did not win and loose the games the way I’d predicted, as luck would have it I had them 6 & 3 at the bye week. Coach Mike’s teams have always been slow starters because of the sophistication of the offense. The depth of this team is amazing and fortuitous.


I want to give a shout out
to my good friends
the ever amazing Teresa
and my new friend Scott.
May God Bless and keep you both healthy and safe.

WHO VOTES FOR THESE GUYS?: Powerful people who intentionally break the law are usually very smart, very coy, and more often than not are very privet people. They tend towards layers of lies to protect themselves. Few of the rich and lawless care for the spotlight and would rather stay in the shadows. The minority who are public figures, unwilling to understand that the truth will out one day, usually go down in flames.

One such major burnout hails from the state of New York.
HERE ME ON THIS: Rep. Charley Rangel was just re-elected by his constituents. For more than a year he has been under House as well as FBI investigations for improper use of campaign funds and fraud. Giving himself perks over and over and over and over and over and over again. But he has been in that seat so long the people of his district just keep putting him back in. Rangel could and very well should be a convicted felon by the end of 2012.

So if Rep. Charley Rangel was just re-elected by his constituents, will someone tell me what sort would re-elect this liar thief?

TO ADDRESS RUMORS: The fact is I have not been asked to work for the new governor in any capacity. Any reports to the contrary are simply wrong.

And to you knuckleheads from Minnesota who wanted our used up quarterback:
How’s that working out for yah?