Friday, April 17, 2009


Mathematicians and Physics professors round the globe have tried in vain to decipher the chances of life forming after what they call, “The Big Bang”. Most are willingly looking for ways it could occur naturally. And all have come to the same conclusion. It just can’t.

John Polkinghorn, professor of quantum physics at Cambridge, in one of his many books says this: “If you examine the early relationship between expansion and contraction in the early pekoe-seconds of the universe, you will see that the exactitude was so precise that the margin of error, and the precision required would be like taking aim at a one inch square object 20 billion light years away on the other end of the universe and hitting that object, bulls eye!”

Do you know what a “pekoe-second” is? It is the time it takes an object traveling at the speed of light to travel the distance the breath of a human hair. We can’t even comprehend such a thing. It exists only in theory. But how can we even begin to imagine how impossibly difficult it would be, to create the universe simply by chance, or a “Bang”? For those who would censure and denounce the creation of this planet by God, this proves them to be erroneous, invalid and the idea of a universe without a creator, utterly ludicrous. Even those without faith and with a pre-disposition to not believe in God, acknowledge that the chances of life anywhere in the universe are 10 to the 40,000th power. And if you want to know how slim a chance that is, it would be like having 60,000 people by tickets to a football game and after randomly buying those tickets, accidentally be seated in alphabetical order for 1 billion games in a row. It simply cannot happen.

Today, many people simply do not want there to be a God, but they live in constant fear that there is one. Some spend their lives, trying to teach people that there is no God, but the fact is they can’t prove their proposal in the arena of ideas and reality. They simply have faith that there is no God and they hope they are right.
No matter what God sent to these unbelievers, be it Solomon, Moses, Jonah, John the Baptist, even Jesus Christ himself, no matter what God sends, they are determined to suppress the truth God gives and the evidence that He exists, and try to find the contradictory to suit their convenience.

Faith is not just believing. It is not just walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Faith is a confidence in the person of Jesus Christ and His power, so that even when his power does not serve my end, my confidence is in Him, because of who he is. Faith in Jesus Christ is a passionate cognizant moral commitment to that which stands up to scrutiny of the mind and the heart and the conscience. Faith in Christ is not credulity, its explanation. Trusting the natural and the supernatural because of the person of Christ.

Outside of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I know of no other hope for mankind. Your body is the temple of the living God and if you do not believe that, then you simply have not asked Him in. I know of no better compliment, then for God to look at my body, and say to me, “This is where I want to live”. Do you know a better compliment then for God to look at you and say to you, “This is where I want to make my home”? You didn’t come to the sanctuary friend; you brought the sanctuary with you!! No other deity would ever tell you this. Not Mohammad or Buddha or Krishna or Zorro Astor.

Jesus, after turning over the moneychanger’s tables, is accosted by the leaders of the religious community and asked, “By what authority do you do this?” And he says to them, “"Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days." I’ll tell you, that is faith. For these scribes did not understand whom they were speaking to. But at the cross, they’re eyes would be opened and everyone who knew of Him, knew he was the Son of God. Jesus’ faith in His father is shown by giving up his powers in heaven to become a servant of man and of God and to dwell with us in this place. What he did that day in the Temple would follow him all the way to Calvary. But the skeptics were the leaders of the faith at the time. They did not believe. They would not see that this was the Savior of the world, the King of the Jews. There is a subtlety in the answer Jesus gives. The truth does not have to be easy. Do not always assume that truths are simplistic or can be given in a sentence or a paragraph. Sometimes we must have the discipline to go back and read scripture again because the truth may lie under what seems to be apparent in the text. Jesus of course talked of raising the temple in three days, and he meant his body, not the temple that took 46 years to build. And this went right over the heads of the scribes.

When Jesus turned over the tables in the temple and was asked by what authority do you do this, Jesus said Destroy this temple and in three days I shall raise it up. But he was speaking about the body. How we need to keep it clean. Keep our body’s desires and wishes at bay and be sure that what we do is sacred and holy. That’s why the sanctity of marriage. That’s why the value of good health. That’s why God tells us to take care of this mortal vessel. That’s why we must live within the parameters of what he intends for us, because it is the temple of God. He abides in us. And we must treat it as though it is his house.

The question is not “What do I have to lose” but “What do I have without God”. Those who say there is no God, those who claim the Bible is not truth, will one day, be dust.

Is it possible, that people have doubt in Christ today, not because of a problem they have in the mind, but because of the implications belief would have for their body? Do we doubt, not because it is intellectual, but because they know the moral entailments of our body? Let him in and you will be liberated from the enslavements of the flesh and the sins of the secular. Freedom for the faithful. That’s liberty we can live with…..Forever!!

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