Thursday, August 6, 2009


America is beginning to revolt with the passion not seen in my lifetime. The levels of anger are at the highest I’ve seen in years and American patience is all but gone. Those supporting this Obamacare boondoggle are now headed for foxholes to hunker down. Those who still have their necks out look as silly as 911 conspirators with foil hats.

If you want to know if you’re right, just look at what your opponents say about you. The more personal the attacks get, the closer you are to the bull’s eye.

This is an ever growing list of great articles on ObamaCare:
Utopia Versus Freedom by Thomas Sowell
Impossible Promises by John Stossel
Health Politics Quagmire by Tony Blankley
Sebelius: Don't Sweat the Details by Cal Thomas
Hazardous to America's Health by Debra Saunders
Fat Load by Jacob Sullum
Tea Party-Bashers Gone Wild by Michelle Malkin
The Villains of Health Care by Paul Greenberg

If this bill fails, Obama fails.
If Obama fails, America wins.
Freedom wins.
Liberty wins.
Babies win.
Seniors win.
Handicapped people win.

As for violence, the fact is these town hall meetings did not become violent until Obama sent in Union thugs to try and make these Americans who have something to say shut up. There was not a single act of violence until these thugs moved in to a town hall meeting in Missouri. On orders to "punch back twice as hard" these bullies moved in and put choke holds on the elderly and took many of them from the place they were gathered. Swastikas were not spoken of or seen until Nancy Pelosi said they were there.

This thing is a steaming pile of poop very few Americans want. It's also a bill very few Representatives have read or understand the details of.

The fact is many conservative Americans (and that would be about 2/3's of us)don't want to pay for teenagers to get abortions. They don't want to pay for fat people getting surgery so they can be thin, or face lifts for Hollywood's geriatric generation when they should pay for these things themselves. We want to be responsible for our own health and our own costs and our own care. We don't want bureaucrats making our privet personal health care choices. And we don't want our employers forced, coerced or otherwise made to buy into this crap-cake.

It's pretty plain and simple.

The great community organizer is seeing what real communities do when they’re fed up and won’t take it anymore. Elections have consequences, and Obama is seeing them, right out his front window. These are people unwilling to give up what Obama wants to take from them.

Come on up for The Risen.

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Teresa said...

Yes, If Obama fails the Country wins. That is why I stand with Rush Limbaugh's when he stated that he wants Obama's policies to fail, which means he wants Obama to fail. Obama is the one who created the violence. Before his union thugs arrived on the scene there was NO violence by Obamacare protesters. The people opposed to Obamacare were just frustrated that Congressmen were not answering their questions. We now have a thugocracy. An excellent list of articles.