Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I cannot find one person Obama has appointed to a position of power in this administration that actually does their job the way the law says the job should be done.

Example: Everyone in this administration, when a job is given to them, gets an ethics briefing. In that briefing they are told what they can and cannot do in the performance of their duties. One of the biggies in every one of those briefings is this issue of quid-pro-quo. You cannot give someone something in exchange for a vote or a favor or whatever. You can’t. It’s against the law. So when Joe Sestak gets offered a “high level job” (those are his words) in the Obama administration in exchange for ending his race against Arlen Specter, was the law broken. I don’t give a rats butt if it happens all the time, and it s funny democrats are saying that because the guy who coined that very phrase, Bill Clinton, is up to his neck in this suddenly and chief of staff Raul Emanuel is covered in mud.

Now, yet another story comes to light saying the White House plied Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff last year in hopes he would forgo a challenge to Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet.

Ethics? What ethics? This White House is Crime Incorporated. I can’t find one single redeeming quality in the President or his staff or the people he has surrounded himself with. It’s like they don’t know how to do things legally. They have no experience in ethical behaviour. Who knew….

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Anonymous said...

Neither Sestak nor Romanoff had filed the necessary paperwork to enter those primaries at the time that overtures were made to them.

Laws are quite specific and, thankfully, they don't allow cretins to superimpose their own political agendas oevr the actual language of the statutes.

It's understandable that you hate Barack Obama (him being AfricanAmerican and all) but for your own good, you need to lighten up some; Barack Obama will be President of the United States until January 20, 2017, after all. That's a long time for you to stew in your own juices.

Eman said...

Ok..Number one: Over is not spelled "oevr."
Number two: You imply I am a racist. Because of the incredible redundancy of my actions and statements to the contrary, this makes you not only a race baiting puttz but an illiterate idiot. Why? Because you can’t read. Let me remind you: I have an African American son-in-law whom I care for deeply and respect greatly. I have also won elections with 87% of minorities voting for me. I also enjoy great a relationship with my Asian and Hispanic neighbors. And no, I’ve never asked to see their “papers”.

Oh yeah, and number three: You’re Diogenes, and that makes you a liar, dishonorable, and most of all, worthless.

Anonymous said...

"Barack Obama will be President of the United States until January 20, 2017,..."

Why? Will there not be a Presidential election in 2012?

Hey, how about that leadership on display with the BP oilspill? Oafbama is listening to limp-wristed (and limp-minded) Paul McCartney perform "Michelle, my dumbelle" while the gulf coast is drowning in crude. Way to usher in that "Hope and Change"!!!!

Pat Riot

Teresa said...

"crime incorporated" That's great!

This administration brought the Chicago Way to Washington.

This administration brought the type of change that nobody wants to touch with a ten thousand foot pole. Obama's administration is the most corrupt administration ever!

Eman said...

You’d think diorreah would glean some wisdom in the time he spent away from this blog. You have to wonder how a man’s brain can literally atrophy to the point where breathing is the most multitasking he can do. All that air going in, and then, he actually has to push it out again, in order to keep from assuming room temperature. Oh the humanity…

Uncle Slam said...

I am a bit worried about Fool Minnich. It had been a couple of months since I last visited'd avoided it for awhile after he became frighteningly disconnected from the real world and was challenging those who he viewed as online rivals to come down to his home and apparently fight him in the street. Truly the rantings of a lunatic with too much time on his hands and too little grasp reality.

Evidently he had become fed up with postings about his land manatee of a wife (odd, considering he's a "free speech" lib who thinks nothing of posting the vile garbage of a blogger known as "crude pundit".) The bizarre incident spun so far out of control that Fool Minnich even had his son (who can't be but about 10-11 years of age, judging by his grammar and syntax) come to the defense of, Annette. Regardless, it was all in fun, and when I made Fool Minnich and his Mini-Me aware of the legal problems that would ensue if they pursued such a poorly thought out plan, things seemed to calm...for a bit.

But now, he's posting weird faga...I mean, fantasies about what happened in the Civil War, when some lonely Misterchewhis volunteers actually had a dress-up ball (or, in his fantasy, many had two balls). Never mind the fact this has never been proven outside the realm of this crude pundit person's twisted visions.

Truly a frightening lot, the left.

Eman said...

I used to be angry at the left. I used to fret about their socialist agenda and their big government fixes. But I have a new perspective. This nation will not allow the left to do what it is trying to. The left knows it has lost the people and without that energy, they have lost it all. Obama and his minions are in full crisis mode now. It is our turn to change the tide. It is the people who need to not waist a crisis.

As for Bill, who the @%#& cares? I haven’t looked but let me just guess: He’s talking about gays and recipes and bemoaning the cards life dealt him and his wife. No one listens to those who complain about their lives. Bill Minnich is the queen who never can be anything other than wrong. His sad tail is the plight of the masses who struggle now just to breathe. Let him be. I have.

Anonymous said...

Very true, E-man. You bring an air of sensibility to this corner of the web. Fool Minnich has been busy getting himself booted from other blogs (due mainly to his profanity-laced tirades and his ad hominem attacks). Truly pathetic. And now he's making his wife out to be the second coming of Terryi Schiavo (gulp). Thank God we aren't liberals. LOL.

It is also pathetic to the level of which he and Diogofleas will resort in their creepy online stalking.

Eman said...

I just could not stomach his bilge any longer. Between the recipes and rectally dysfucktional rants, the “Woe is me” Minnich the martyr monologues and the rest of his tripe I had to let the Albuquerque Anal Alumnus go. I have more important things to do than listen to his gerbil journalistic jam sessions. As for Dioreeah, well, he hit the fan long ago and he’s just a mess. This is as true as a story gets: Texas has a law, and part of that law reads “The man just needed killin.”

God Bless Texas.