Sunday, July 3, 2011


"This is a disaster," said Mark Miller, the Wisconsin Senate Democratic leader, in February after Republican Gov. Scott Walker proposed a budget bill that would curtail the collective bargaining powers of some public employees. Miller predicted catastrophe if the bill were to become law -- a charge repeated thousands of times by his fellow Democrats, union officials, and protesters in the streets.
Now the bill is law, and we have some very early evidence of how it is working. And for one beleaguered Wisconsin school district, it's a godsend, not a disaster.
The Kaukauna School District, in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin near Appleton, has about 4,200 students and about 400 employees. It has struggled in recent times and this year faced a deficit of $400,000. But after the law went into effect, at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, school officials put in place new policies they estimate will turn that $400,000 deficit into a $1.5 million surplus. And it's all because of the very provisions that union leaders predicted would be disastrous.

This is but one of hundreds of cities state wide, that have found that Walkers Budget was real and very tide-changing.


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Teresa said...

The unions just didn't want their purse strings cut by what 1/8 of their overall income and benefits? They wanted to continue with the extra benefits that a majority of Americans don't have the luxury of enjoying.

This law has not been a disaster. It has been a success. Gov. Walker brought fiscal sanity to Wisconsin. God Bless Governor Walker.