Sunday, June 24, 2012


It's been 10 months since I have been able to blog. I had to suspend my blogging for professional reasons: I was very involved with the Republican Party and it's efforts to thwart the recall of my friend and schoolmate Governor Scott Walker. The effort was arduous and unnecessary but in the end, proved to bare much fruit.

This long campaign was, in the end, the best thing that could have happened to this state and to the nation. Beating back the blue fisted thugs of the unions and their ilk from all over the nation was very difficult. No matter what they say (and they say a lot that bares no resemblance to the truth) the money reportedly spent from both sides was nearly even. The money you don't see is the amounts spent putting out of state people up in temporary housing so they could vote against the Governor. You only have to prove residency for 30 days and the new law voter ID law has been taken to court and was suspended for this election.

One thing rings true and there is no dispute on this: Governor Walker is now a force in a long line of fresh new faces ready to take on the liberal policies and democratic party for decades to come. Scott is poised to become the new face of reform that will change the way America works and how it's economy will be regulated in the future. You will see him and others such as Paul Ryan , Chris Christy and many many more who are young, vibrant and ready to take on and not back down from the hard choices we must make to change the tax code, bring the deficit down, and restore confidence in our country.
You have not heard the last from Wisconsin. I told you years ago that this was ground zero for the new conservative movement of the GOP and I was not wrong. Scott Walker is a force now to be dealt with. He has erased a 3.6 Billion dollar deficit from Wisconsin's budget and shown the nation he can turn things around when you explain why it needs to be done and how to do it.

Scott is a humble man. You watch now and see how humble he makes the democratic party, moving forward.

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Teresa said...

Welcome back, Eric! I'm sure your efforts helped make all the difference in Scott Walker's win. Scott is a man of courage and the rest of the GOP should model after him, follow his lead.

Yes, the spending was about even. What a bunch of whiny losers those union supporters were afterward. So glad he showed those union thugs that he's a force not to reckon with.