Monday, February 1, 2010


I will start with a thank you. I need to say a huge thanks to those who visited this blog, commented here, expressed opinion or just came to glean information for personal use this past January of 2010. Eight hundred and thirty one times this blog was hit by you my friends. I am humbled and flabbergasted by you coming here the way you have. From Alaska to Russia to Australia to South America, I thank you as a servant of democracy. I am overwhelmed and words cannot express what I feel for you. I appreciate you more than words can say.

Now, on to Bill Minnich and the big hairy lie…

In the post titled JUST FOR FUN I started to get comments by someone who was posting from Albuquerque, New Mexico. They claimed to be Barack Hussein Obama with the link of their name taking you to a transcript of Obama’s State Of The Union speech. After calling his bluff, Bill asked on his blog who had awakened The Eman and why was I accusing him of posting comments on my blog. There was a reply, from Barack Hussein Obama, who called herself “Kim” and made it sound like she was an acquaintance of Bill. This comment was immediately followed moments later by a comment by Bill, chastising “Kim” to end her antics. Bill posted his response in some 15 minutes, about the time it would take him to type the response. Like Bill was waiting for her reply? Not a freeking chance. Have another slice of Crapcake Bill. We’re on to your easy bluff.

People like Bill Minnich are a pariah: The live their lives thinking they cannot be wrong, and that makes it impossible for them to be right. When encountered they must be put back where they are found and warnings must be set up to guard others from being tangled in their web of oppression, servitude and tyranny. They are the elite class that seek to hold down the masses and gain what they can from them to set themselves apart from all others in order to oppress and manipulate. Beware, they cause great harm to anyone they encounter.

Failure to heed the warnings of those who have escaped their ilk doom those who tread where angels fear to go.

Bill, you and Diogenes and your alter-ego “Kim” need to take off the panties, get off the playground and get in the game of reality. You posted these comments. You can’t tell the truth even when your caught red handed. You are the sad product of poor attendance at a public school too dumbed down to know you were off hugging the trees.

We here at Pathetically Incorrect ask you formally to BUZZ OFF!
You have no idea how worthless your words are now.
They mean less than nothing
because you have broken a trust
and a promise never to return.
You have lost the respect you desire so badly.

Your literary license to post here is now void.

Take your girlfriend to bed with your wife and have a three-bee.

See how that works for HER… And HER…And you.

And no, we don’t care.


Teresa said...

I am LMAO!! A threesome of devils engaged in sin. These libtards need to slink back in that dark hole they crawled from. We know what gutter trash is when we see the words of the threesome. It sounds like the fires of Hell are catching up with the threesome. Good Riddance to the threesome.

Uncle Slam said...

It is a bit amusing, although not at all surprising that Aimless Minnich is still cyberstalking. Have you noticed his MOS? He visits blogs with opposing viewpoints, realizes he can't compete on a level of intellect or reason, then goes off with ad hominem attacks that would be more suited to the fourth grade (which makes me wonder...did Stooge Minnich even finish high school? I mean, it's evident he has no college degree, and became quite belligerent (even moreso than usual) when I brought up his lack of academic prowess on numerous occasions. Finally, when faced with the reality that he's been topped, he proclaims he is the winner and that his followers (Who rival in number the average nightly audience for MSDNC) have "voted someone off the island". OK, Gilligan, whatever you want to call it. But it seems like since I am no longer posting on his "blog", there is no activity. No one responds to anything, there's no diversity of opionion and no real thought process going on over there. Not surprising, it's the same way the Democratic party is run.

Attempting to debate Aimless is a bit like one of those press conferences with Baghdad Bob. Remember those? They'd go something like this: He'd be out at the Baghdad Airport, behind a podium, stating "There are no Americans in the city of Iraq! Our forces have crushed them and sent them retreating cowardly back across the border after their failed invasion attempt which left thousands of them dead!!"

And then in the background and American tank smashes through a barricade and Bob and his camera crew scurying like cockroaches to a new location.

Minnich is like that: He places his soapbox on some shaky ground. Expounds a few ridiculous points (which he truly believes in), then as the foundation becomes more and more shaky, finally takes his ball and goes home (or, as he puts it, "had the readers vote on removing you from the island").

He obviously has some over the top fixation with gaining attention by whatever means necessary. And that's probably one reason he's a flaming lib. It's much easier to gain attention being a jerk, weirdo or circus freak, than by actually working and making positive influences. And I am in no way equating a circus freak with a liberal: the circus freak doesn't expect others to make sacrifices so he can live better.

Now, on to the Aimless drones (which, I guess now that Diogofleas is gone, that really cuts the numbers down...if you don't include the echoing voices in Minnich's head):

I never made an assumption that Barrack Hussein Obama was Stooge Minnich. I took it as face value that the actual President (or more likely an assistant of BO) was responding. This was quite an honor, having someone from such an important position respond on the blog. And because the person's responses were braggodocious and contained little if any detail and absolutely nothing of substance, it's easily understandble why those comments could be construed as coming from the White House. And the fact they weren't laced with the words "mother****er", "s***head", "***hole" and "retard" pretty well excluded them as possibly coming from Rahm Emanuel.

So I waited patiently...and patiently...and patiently....for a response from BO and received nothing. It was disappointing to say the least. Here we had someone come on the scene who was going to provide insight and answers, and ended up leaving us feeling empty.

Hey, maybe that actually was Barrack Hussein Obama.

Eman said...

If it was the President, or some stand in from the White House, it fit, because there is no substance, no clarity of thought and no backbone showing a true belief in what was said. The lack of passion and decisive leadership has brought anger from his party as reflected in Al Franken’s outburst earlier this week when Franken went off on David Axelrod. Personally I see no honor in an actual encounter with Mr. Obama. I’m not in this for fame. I am in this for God and country, liberty and freedom, justice and clarity.

I appreciate you sir because you spare no rod in tying idiots to the wippin’ post and thrashing them, which in many ways I admire. Bill and “Kim” and BO and all the rest have lost their passion for one reason only: They have been exposed and their true intent is control.

They can’t control you or me… And they NEVER will!

Teresa said...

Has either Bill, Hussein or Diogenes returned?

Uncle Slam said...

"Has either Bill, Hussein or Diogenes returned?"

Yes, but usually a second flush sends them away.

Eman said...

Wow... Ummm... Diogenes has left the building, Bill Minnich is still trying to find out who he is, and Barack came here this morning and left a cute warm little present in the side yard. But relax my friends, I have a shvel and a plastic bag. I have GOT to stop buying that liverwurst...

Uncle Slam said...

Aimless Minnich is still babbling about such important topics as Spongebob, Xanadu, coffee beans and G. I. Joe movies. That's good, those are all things the poor little idiot knows something about. He's wise to stay out of the political arena, as he would always have his butt handed to him by Uncle Slam or some other blogger who pointed out he was nothing more than a few vulgar word, hiding behind his manatee-sized wife.

Ever notice how unhappy, vulgar and P.O.'d Aimless is? Guess I would be too if I had the pathetic existance he does.

Pat Riot

Eman said...

Todays new Gallop poll says 80% of DEMOCRATS are not happy with Congress.

If I were Bill Minnich, I'd be looking for a good Church. He needs one of those "Come To Jesus" moments...

He has no idea how many Democrats were at that Nashville Tea Party Convention.