Saturday, February 6, 2010


This Prsident is too scarry for words.
I have not seen a leader so weak in his message
and unsure of what he believes.

In short, Pathetically Incorrect.

What’s most offensive are the people who believe in this sham man.

Here’s the real question:
 If your leader is in need of being pumped words
to speak to an audience by a teleprompter even when the speech
is to the very simple minds of 10 year olds,
if he needs to be fed words that are not his own
and are spoken with a poverty of passion,
a zeal once displayed on the campaign trail
but is no longer present in his once, sometimes twice
daily need to address the country, is he really leader
or is he a puppet mouthpiece for some
darker more mysterious modes’
lying in some undisclosed location?


Teresa said...

He is definitely a puppet with his strings getting pulled by others.

Soros and Holder come into mind.

Eman said...

Oh yes... Soros as the capital or financial entity...but Holder? He comes of as being not too bright. Following the money is good but my question remains who Obama pledges allegiance to. Islam comes to mind. This budget he just proposed is like a drunken sailor on 36 lines of cocaine. Where in the name of God does he think we have the money for this stuff? To increase spending by colossal amounts and then freeze spending in just outrageous indifference to the recession and the fact there’s not enough people working to pay for all his handouts. His bribing senators with our money was just off the charts wrong. He’s the poster boy for ETHICS UNLIMITED.