Thursday, April 15, 2010


"It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them, and that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure."
This man is political GARBAGE!! And whether he likes it or not, he will soon lose his job… or worse… Because the America I know and love will not put up with his trash much longer.


Eman said...

No more than you are Diorreah.

Do you even know you are just a bold face liar. You think you are just so slick commenting anonymously and then coming back here to lie, saying you didn’t. You insult my intelligence. You ignore the fact I can track you. I have your IP address, I know what system you use (Windows XP) what browser you use (Internet Explorer 7.0) and every hit from Colorado Springs is comes to my site directly, which you always have done. Yet you come here saying someone else told you I was saying you were back here on Pathetically Incorrect after saying you’d leave for good when you lost the bet on the Mass. Senate race. You bastardize yourself over and over and over again claiming self-righteousness in the face of facts that prove you’re incapable of honesty. You have a proclivity to making yourself a laughable imposter devoid of significance or merit. If I didn’t have to listen to this farce of a President every day, I would be hard pressed to find one so resolute to idiocy and na├»ve to the truth. Unlike you, I have a brain; one that actually functions beyond the basic need of breathing and pumping blood to vital organs and your displays of inanity and futility are the only remarkable attributes you bring to any discussion. This is just more fuel for the blog I have made for you, but more than that, it reduces you to clutter, which I have zero use for in my life.

Teresa said...

Diogenes (A.K.A. Anon),
"Or worse" is not a threat you human piece of garbage. It means that he may be forced to resign from office from being an anti-American President, Muslim sympathizer, violating our constitution, and abusing his powers as President to violate the American people in any way possible.

We know you have multiple personality disorder in posting here under different names, and have no sense of reality nor a conscience in spewing your lies and crap on Eman's blog. Stop spreading your human waste around and demoralizing Eman and his blog. Have fun playing with your many selves and leave Eman the heck alone.

Eman said...

Teresa walks with God and has the ability to punch hard...

This means she has an incredible RIGHT CROSS!!

And in a fight with you, one punch is all she needs. You couldn't lay a hand on her even if you could pull your thumb out of your mouth.

Kim June said...

I'm a little confused by your priorities. It seems to me that the alternative to being a reluctant superpower is to be a bully. And bullies tend to be hated and feared by the people below them in the pecking order. Is that what you believe? That we should lord over the other countries by threatening them with our superior stores of weapons? How does preferring negotiation and diplomacy make Obama "human garbage"?

Eman said...

Kim, when have we been “lord over the other countries” without them first asking for our aid and or military help? We are the best country in the world with the best military and the best record in compliance with Geneva Convention statutes. We have saved lives. We have saved countries. We have stopped tyrants, Nazis, dictators and despots from braking international laws and bullying other countries. Why are we apologizing for this? For what purpose is this President saying “whether we like it or not”? Since he has taken office Mr. Obama has bowed to world leaders, apologized for our greatness and signed a treaty with Russia which Russia has the right to back out of at any time for any reason. You find this to be American? Kim… Go back to your cynic friend and play your loony liberal games. We’ll be spanking your lily white ass come November.