Friday, April 9, 2010


Today’s headlines tell the story we on the conservative right have been saying for months, if not years. Newt Gingrich says Obama is the most radical president in the history of America. Rush Limbaugh says this President is “inflicting untold damage on this country.” Mark Leven states “Obama is the closest thing America has seen to a dictator.” “America is on a path to decline” says Liz Cheney. “Obama is a socialist” says Sean Hannity. Michael Savage calls the President “Obama the destroyer!”

Today Bart Stupak, who caved on the health bill, says he won’t run again. Oh he says he could win, but he just does not want to run again. Yeahrite…

Also rumored is Barney Frank may not seek re-election. This has to break Bill Minnich’s heart.

The Tea Party movement is now made of 30% democratic voters. Sarah Palin wonders where Obama got the idea that telling the world we won’t us nukes even if they are used against us was a good idea. Who would even think to say such a thing? I mean that’s fine if you want it to be your policy, but for God’s sake don’t tell the world about it!!

The real question is very simple: Is Obama qualified to “run” anything?

This administration supports terrorist organizations, tells the Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to sign a piece of paper to hand parts of Jerusalem over to Palestine or he won’t even meet with him. Obama has cut the defense budget while stopping the deployment of a missile shield for our allies in Europe.

The list of “screw ups” are huge:

Where to try terrorists Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

Being tougher on Israel than Iran

Walking out on Israel's President last week

Apologizing to the Muslim world… For what?

Sending 90 hardened terrorists to Yemen

An executive order giving Interpol immunity from American law

Taking CIA assets and spy satellites away from the war on terror and diverting them to “assess the hidden complexities of Global Warming”

Categorizing terror attacks as “crimes”

Paralyzing the CIA by prosecuting agents

Turned his back on Iranians protesting a rigged election and refusing to defend freedom

Abandoning the U.S. missile defense system in Europe

Allowing Iran and North Korea to “Nuke Up” without consequence.

Offering senators and house members bribes with tax payer money in exchange for their votes on healthcare

Reneging on his pledge (given 8 times) to televise the healthcare debate

Creation of a two trillion dollar slush fund, calling it TARP and “stimulus”

Taking over the American Auto Industry

This list goes on and on… I find I cannot compare Obama to anyone: He's one of a kind. The press was complicit in misinforming the public about this man and his Chicago friends who now rule with an iron fist, circumvent the constitution, and blame Bush for everything from Katrina to economic calamity. If all you’re going to do is whine and not lead, I guess you didn’t want the job in the first place. He has the look of a man who believes he made a huge mistake, identical to what I see in the faces of many Americans driving around in cars with Obama /Biden bumper stickers.

Even America is entitled to make a mistake, but this mistake is going to cost us, and not just a little. We will be paying for this brain burp for many years to come.

The march towards November rolls on…


Eman said...

April 9th 2010

98 Days and we have 2000 hits... Thank you all so very much. Happy Eastertide...

Teresa said...

The If I only had a brain experience for many people who voted for Obama is doing great damage to our country, and will take awhile to undo. Let's return some sense of semblance of morality, truth, and honesty back to this country starting in November.