Monday, July 19, 2010



Teresa said...

That was great!

How is everything going Eman?

Eman said...

You’re so sweet to ask. To be honest, this is hard work. The art for the cover, the mix down, the mastering…what should go on the CD itself…. There is so much to do and the details are important. The CD is for God and His people so I want my actions to back my words, and at times that can be laborious. I wonder how many actual hours of work I’ve put in this project. In many ways, this is like writing a book: It’s my words, my story, my personal God given gifts and talents. The difference is this CD is all me. The others I’ve been on as a member of a group. My health is good enough to still work a 20 hour day but I couldn’t do more than three of those in a row. I’m blessed, and I’m so glade you asked. My better 4/5’s (aka the lovely and gracious Brenda) is doing well and Ean is glad there’s a month of summer left before 6th grade.