Tuesday, September 7, 2010


NEWSWEEK and Fareed Zacaria seem to feel we did. We overreacted. Yes and next news-weak we’ll here how we made victims of Islamic extremists. Here was American power mixed with young men and women with a mission to exact a death blow to anyone responsible for that black day that Iran’s president says never happened, just like the holocaust and throw that guy “Jesus” in there too, because he was just a nice guy, not God’s Son or anything like that…

And my president wants to sit down with this same murdering thug and…talk.

People who write “stories” like this need to know that for nine years the sons and daughters of Americans fought, bled and died to keep this enemy inside their own five yard line.
Fareed Zacaria, a Muslim and the author of the cover story, really does not see that his words only serve to enrage and embolden those who wish to exact punishment, retribution and revenge on his peers.
And then I get people like Liberty in here saying it was all politics.

It’s not.
It’s about remembering; Not just those who died, but those who killed them.
It’s about justice. Lest we forget, in the 2 years prior to 9/11, we were defending Muslims and saving Muslims in Bosnia.
It’s about Honor. Writing this story dishonors our fallen troops and those who stand in the gap defending this country.
Fareed Zacaria, writing this story shows why the only place we could ever read such tripe is waiting to see the dentist. Nobody buys this rage anymore and I suspect you have hastened it’s demise.

And just so you can recall, Christian toloance for these radical vermin ran high over three years ago, now when someone here wants to burn THEIR book, they get all upset. Spare me...

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Teresa said...

Overreacted? What?!? This person must be deranged or something. I really feel sorry for these people that have their heads in the sand.