Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quote The Raven

Is there anyone here as bad at forecasting as I am? I hate to even mention how good my predictions have been the last three years: Don’t want to jinks myself. Most times I predict and then the opposit happens. But lately, I'm not bad. 

When you talk about professional football around these parts (south eastern Wisconsin) the line between Bear and Packer territory blurs because of simple proximity to each other, there are teams and there are legends. To our south the bitter rivalry simmers but lets be honest here: Since the day Bret Favre Started for the Packers, Green Bay has had TWO starting quarterbacks. The Bears lead the league with 23. Jay Cutler is running for his life and may be the only one really grasping the offence right now. Lovie will be gone by Halloween.

“The Problem” is north and west of Lambeau. Number four no longer worries me, he annoys me. You see, from my perspective, here in Wisconsin, especially Green Bay, we hold loyalty higher than most anything you can name minus The Trinity. “The Problem” is, he forgot his loyalties on the way to drama camp. The name Favre will forever be synonymous with “Indian Giver” and “Back Stabber.” You don’t come back to the north division after being out in New York one year because of the weather.

Fortunately, every “Problem” has a solution.

Meet “The Solution.”

12 – 4

First round bye.

Beat New Orleans in NFC title game.

Packers lose to the Ravens in the Super Bowl.

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