Thursday, December 2, 2010


On Feb 19th 2009 I purchased a new Asus Computer from Best Buy. I purchased a 1 year warranty as well.

On October 19th 2010 that computers mother board failed after sitting next to my desk for the entire time I owned it.
It was a six hundred dollar computer.
Best Buy wants $595.92 to fix it though I am still paying Best Buy every month for it because they said if I finance it, I would get a better deal and join their frequent buyers club.
Bottom Line: Don’t think for one moment Best Buy is your Best Buy-dea. That place should be gone “Buy” next Christmas if that’s how they treat their customers.
And on the the subject
of extended unemployment benefits,
I have this little ditty I call,


Stumbling through the snow

In slippers and turtleneck

To the mailbox I go

To get my benefit check

Then I grab my coat and pants

And head out to the car

The first stop is my local bank

And then the local bar

Oh my luck is down, I have to frown

I just can’t find a job

Please send that check of entitlement

Cuz I worked so very hard

I buy a few rounds and pound them down

And then decide to drive

Now I need fourteen more checks

To pay for my DUI

I know this may seem harsh

Even a little rude

But when will people realize

Some things are up to you!!

Workers cannot afford

To pay you to sit home

Especially when the working class


Get off your rump you Forest Gump

Your 99 weeks are gone

And suddenly you clearly see

You’ve been sitting around too long

Now democrats with lame duck hats

Wanna give you more of our dough

When will it end my jobless friend

There is work, but you just say….NO!

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