Sunday, December 26, 2010


What a year!
Lots of things have come to pass, the greatest of which is the end of the 111th congress. With all the power they ever wanted democrats could do nothing but add to defects and the angst of freedom loving Americans. Millions who laid there votes on the first term senator from Illinois watch as the man they called “Messiah” crashed and burned. (Ok, he had a good December) This was a train wreck of biblical proportions. He had both houses, The White House and placed two “Judges” on the Supreme Court. So the whole first year he spends every penny of political capital on bailouts for those who got him the big desk, and feeding the entitled masses in coastal blue states. Tarp, Omnibus, Porkulus, and many more massively earmarked bills followed. When it came time for Obamacare, he had spent it all. Oh to be sure he got his bill, but only by ramming it down the throats of every petrified American who worried someone would tell Obama what comes after “Trillion.”
This law should be called Demo-care: Only Democrats voted for it, and a Democrat signed it, so lets let them have it!!
I believe the pendulum had to swing back hard. The liberals pushed their socialist agenda on a country to smart to play along. The scrap heap of history, filled with commie kook ideas, was no place Americans wanted the country they loved. The question now, who will rise up to meet the challenge of an electrified electorate unfazed by empty promises.

Now you do what we say or you get sent home to stay.

So as the year ends, our challenge is clear. The best thing for me is the ending of the visits from Diorreah and Bill Minnich, both of whom have faded into vapor even before absentee ballots were handed out for Novembers romp. As pleasant as constipation, I believe we have heard the last of these two fringe fag friends. 
Go out there and make it a good year. Anything short of that lacks effort and choice. This may be my last year here, (doctors can be wrong too) and I intend to make the right moves each and every day so that in my life, God is glorified and people are dignified.

If you really believe life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it, you’d be wrong. With preparation and active engagement, you will be the one keeping people guessing. You can control the action enough to sway the balance in your favor, but effort and preparation are paramount.

That’s what I will be. I choose life without boundaries.
I will not be called a bigot or ridged simply because I will not move from my Gospel principles.
I will move conservatively forward, always taking just a moment to look back at what has worked and not worked in the past, so to avoid misguided mistakes. And so should you! Stick around. Let’s talk and be a voice for the conservative movement and keep the momentum moving right.

There's the Right way....and then there's whats left.


Teresa said...

We need a diamond in the rough, a true leader, who is ready to stand up and take on this president and the rest of his gang. We need to repeal Demoncare. Yes, I say that this so-called health care law was voted in by a bunch of demons, little devils. They sure as heck weren't doing the Lord's work.

Blessings, happiness, and good health to you and yours now and in the coming year, Eman. God Bless!

Eman said...

Right again Mrs. Rice. As I've said, it took a Carter to make a Reagan, so if Obama is worse, who we put in place should be a woman or man of the people unfazed by the glare of the spotlight and unwilling to allow anyone to set a premise not founded in truth.

May The Father of All things be your center piece this year so at your center, there can be Peace.