Monday, January 3, 2011


Ugly as it was, the Packers finished their regular season Sunday by putting a hurt on the Windy City’s latest excuse for an NFL team. Jay “Million dollar arm and ten cent brain” Cutler could not answer the Pack’s defense with anything but a first half field goal.

So, if you want to keep bears out of your backyard, put up a goal post.

No one could foresee the Packers needing to place 14 players to injured reserve by the first of November. With eight weeks of football left, the Packers had lost no less than eight starters. In fact they lost three players for the year on one single play: A kickoff no less. It looked like a disaster. Coach Mick McCarthy never once used inured players for an excuse for losing. Dom Capers had to fill one linebacker spot with 9 different men. Coach Capers now qualifies to do anything with nothing. If Coach Capers is not a head coach somewhere next fall, the Packers will have pulled off a vital coup. Without this defense, the Packers would have been inept.
I look forward to a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich made with REAL Wisconsin Cheese with an Andy Reid garnish. Time to put Mr. Vick and his poodle out to pasture.

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