Monday, January 24, 2011


I just cannot recall anyone being so anointed with power and promise falling so hard so fast. One could list the bogus bows, Olympic losses and epic mid-term election meltdowns, but there is no need: The ambush at Solder Field Sunday is illustration enough why they call it:
“The Second City.”

Second best means "thanks for playing." Or the always comforting: “You’re the Alternate!”

Obama just cannot seem to manufacture a win right now. You know why? Look at the city he came from the day after losing the biggest game in the history of a storied franchise. There they are, in assorted bars across the city and state, burning Jay Cutler’s jersey today for his lack of effort after being sidelined with a knee injury. Let me fix this for you bear fans right now: Your team’s lack of continuity (three offensive coordinators in three years) is the issue here. No one will buy into what you’re coaching if you have to change it every year, and even during the year. They looked confused. They were reacting instead of enforcing their will on Green Bay. In short they were impotent because no one, not even the coaches, believed in their plan.

I love a good football metaphor as much as anyone. This one’s just too easy.

Now, I have to lay it all down here. My favorite blogger (male or female) hails from Pittsburg. Ms. Rice is not a fan of football, but she cannot ignore it now. As our teams plan their mutual destruction in two weeks, Teresa and I will have to work our some sort of wager. This will be in fun, but I assure you, your team had best bring it all to Dallas girl. More to follow…

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Teresa said...

You are just too funny Eman! What's funny is the only football I do pay attention to is the Steelers. I assure you the Steelers will be bringing their best game to Dallas.

What sort of wager? This sounds like fun! Just let me know your idea, Eman.

Have a great day :)