Friday, March 18, 2011


Lord, I need to talk with you today. My heart is aching and it just will not stop. I’m trying to put my faith where my fear is, but Lord it is more difficult today than I can imagine. I’ve grown angry at my countries leader. Lord, there are some things I just cannot countenance.
Today, as an American, I am unable to support my President today.
 I hear people saying things like, “He hasn‘t the ability to speak the truth because there’s no truth in him.” Can this be true? More importantly can the American people actually have these feelings about there leader? People are calling him things like, “Apologizer-In-Chief, Marxist-In-Chief, Divider-In-Chief, Ummm-In-Chief, Bower-In-Chief, Debtor-In-Chief Golfer-In-Chief, NCAA-Bracket-In-Chief, WH Partier-In-Chief, ANTI-Constitution-In-Chief” and the like. He has to hear this. He must know what people perceive him to be, yet today he takes off on yet another vacation to Rio.
Lord help me for I have no way to defend these actions.
Disappointment and regret have led to deeper, more emotional outbursts and fits of rage than would be acceptable. Every night, my son, my wife and I call upon your name, and for many reasons, but we always close by asking you to give this countries leaders your grace, your wisdom and your direction.
My distress is born of the fact that this President will not lead.
Even those around him are turning and walking away.
He seems rudderless.
It should not have come to this. These are our leaders, oh Lord. Yet after Tunisia in December and Egypt in January, the administration cannot say it was caught off guard by developments in Libya. A full month since brave revolutionaries stood up to the dictator Muammar Qaddafi, and two weeks since President Obama declared that Qaddafi had lost legitimacy and must go, the Obama administration still has no defined objectives or plan of action. The administration hasn’t even extended recognition to the opposition National Council, who at the moment is the only organized political alternative to Qaddafi.

Even the French have taken this minimal step.

Today I see him more concerned with a basketball tournament than our troops. He spends his time working on his NCAA brackets and a seemingly blind eye to the devastation of Japan. His statement yesterday implying Japan was strong enough to pull out of this on its own has caused me to become livid with him. At one time or another, all Americans have questioned his heart, not being convinced by his words which claim you to be Lord. What we see today is a President whose ego is unconscionable. The people of Libya have been calling for America to come to their aid for weeks. They fight against a tyrant who has no mercy and no other mission but to destroy the people’s effort to be free of him. They are dying in the streets because he will not help them. And today he is taking his family on yet another vacation.

I ask for you to give me wisdom, for I do not know how to explain this to my son. Lives are being snuffed out while he talks to America about how he puts one team over another. Where can I go with such rage? I need your help oh God. For I am at a point now where I can no longer listen to him, pray for him or follow him on anything. Please Father, help me I pray. People are dying and he could not care any less than he does right now.
Or could he?


Leticia said...

Amen... God does hear our prayers and He is fully aware and still in control, no matter what we see and hear.

Teresa said...

Things may not happen when we would like them to happen but God has a plan. God will change hearts, minds, and souls in his own way, and in his own time.

This is very frustrating time for us all since our leader has been absent, aloof, had poor priorities, and is morally bankrupt but the best thing we can do is to talk to God and ask him to get this country back on the right track, and hopefully change Obama into a moral man who knows how to lead.