Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I’ve just spent the last two full days working to bring Christ to those whose lives are just a mess here in Wisconsin. If Michigan is a train wreck then Wisconsin is on the same track. Liberals have spent us into astounding debt. Why is it Obama gets to say “Bush left me with…" And Scott Walker can’t say “Doyle left this mess.”?
I went with Tom Stamman, seen here, and Impact Ministries International (IMI) into the poorest of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

Let me say without pause: Tom Stamman is a God-filled amazing Prophet. And yes, he is very much a prophet.  I could only hope to walk at his side and I am forever greatful for the experience we shared these last two days.

Sauk county is where the famous “Wisconsin Dells” is located. Huge water parks, towering hotels, restaurants by the hundreds all line the streets of this area.

The owners of these parks and places all live elsewhere.
And that’s just where the money goes too: Elsewhere.
The people here work hard but there is no work. Winter is hard on the Dells area and the jobs dry up for eight months a year. Most homes are for sale or abandoned. We brought a positive message of grace and healing and God’s undying love, and for a time, things were better. But I know, now that I am back home, things will only change when people are given the power to change them. It’s easier to run a marathon than start a business in WI. right now. The restrictions and fees and taxes and permits and regulations have made starting a business too expensive for the banks to loan. Oh the banks have the money, lots and lots of money to go around, but no one is about to step out of their fear and apply for money and banks are not ready to lend. What Doyle did was remarkably criminal. And to look out past that and see what democrats in Washington have done with my son’s future makes me angry. Yet even in the small town of La Vell, there were union picket lines on main street in town. When I confronted them and asked them how this budget of Walkers will affect them personally, they gave only vague references to lower income as comebacks. Wretched. So filtered from the recession by their endless sick days, vacation days, personal days, holidays and snow days, they have no idea what the rest of us are enduring. On the second day, Tom Stamman and I confronted protesters near the library, where our meeting was, and across the street from the residence that hosted us. We made up posters to support Walker and stood in the cold across the street from the union people for more that two hours. Once they saw who we were and what our signs said, they called out the thugs and their group grew from five people to more than 30. But Tom and I persisted and we got more honks waves and calls of support than the union people did. My sign said “Unions are Parasites” on one side and “Unions – No! Latino’s Yes! on the other. That’s when the racial slurs started to come from across the street. I was accosted by a large union thug who got in my face and asked if I liked Mexicans. I said their work ethic and family values echoed my own, and therefore yes I did. He pushed me and questioned my patriotism. “Are you touching me? Are you pushing me?” I said loud enough for all to hear, and he pushed again. Tom came over and told him if he touched me again that I would have the right to defend myself.

He swore at me and stepped back.

I was ready for a fight. He apparently, was not. I was disappointed, but fine with that. After all I'd seen, I was ready to fight for these poor folks.

We fed good food to good people. We gave them a message of grace and faith and a promise to return in May. To my new friends in Sauk County, God’s peace and my prayers remain with you. To the union thug, I gave a piñata. No candy inside.

My perspective has changed. My priciples have not. I want to have a chat about one such liberal who is no stranger to these pages but is no less complicit in the plot to break America in my next post

Be afraid Bill. Be very afraid.

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Teresa said...

It sounds like you had a great trip, Eman. Thanks for speaking up and supporting Governor Walker. God Bless you and all the work you do.