Saturday, July 25, 2009


Ok…here’s my take on this health care reform bill. Follow me on this because my point is as logical as it is simple.

President Obama says he wants this Health Care Reform bill for two reasons
A.) To lower the cost of healthcare in America and…

B.)To make sure the (supposed) 47 million Americans without coverage can get coverage.

Besides the reports from the non-partisan congressional budget office which tell us this plan will raise costs substantially, let’s set that aside for a moment and look at the facts.

What the President proposes are two concepts that are fundamentally opposed to each other.

Who is more likely to use health care: Those without insurance or those with insurance?

By far it is those WITH insurance because the care costs nearly nothing. If someone else is going to pay most or all of the cost, I’m going to use that service more often…Right?

If it is your purpose to lower health care costs, giving it to people who don’t have it (47 million of them…they say…) they are going to use it more often and more aggressively then they would without. So right there, the statement of purpose from Obama is fundamentally flawed. The costs will skyrocket!! Obama has never…NOT ONE TIME…showed to the people of this country or explained to them how requiring everyone to have health insurance will lower the cost of it, and he never will because the numbers add up, they don’t subtract down!
You know how to drop the cost of everyone’s health care in America? Take away everyone’s health care insurance. Now I am not advocating that but the fact is if that happened, less people would go and costs would plummet.

It is illogical to think and irresponsible to say that costs would go down if everyone had health insurance. This is a house of cards and the longer we see what they’re building, the more it falls apart.

You liberals have a 20 seat filibuster proof advantage in the senate. You liberals have a 70 seat advantage in the House, and you can’t pass this bill.


Now, besides the fact that every person who becomes gravely ill and is finically capable COMES TO AMERICA FOR CARE BECAUSE WE ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD… And besides the fact that this President is waltzing around the world apologizing for U.S. and seems very ashamed of this country, the bottom line is…

Barry….you got some splainin to dooo!!

And he said the COP was acting stupidly.....


Teresa said...

Yeah Obama's blaming Republicans when in actuality some fiscally conservative Democrats are derailing his health plan. The blue dogs are revealing Obama's scam to the American public. He is so illogical in his thinking. The press is even getting sick of the blame Bush and Republicans for everything game.

Eman said...

When every pundit and commenter says the Republican Party needs to have a “bigger tent”, isn’t ironic that the party with the big tent can’t get anything done because they can’t agree on anything? When there are no principles, no rules and no one willing to follow its leader, the rudder is broke and the ship floats where the wind blows that moment. In an “everything goes” party there can be no progress if no one is willing to row in the same direction. They call themselves progressive… This is exactly the antithesis of the reality they profess. That’s why I call liberals the opposite party. When they tell you what they mean, it’s the exact opposite they seek. When you call them on it, they say you are harsh and politically incorrect, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth will out.

It’s the party of unintended consequences.

“We have to save trees…Make plastic bags…"

Now the bags flap in the trees!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

hi there..Hussein wont be splainin anytime soon..he's GOD..dont ya know!

Eman said...

Sorry...slipped my mind...Thanks for the heads up...lololol