Sunday, July 19, 2009

WHY NOT?????????????????????????????

From Barack Obama to Sonia Sotomayor to Bill Minnich the nameless cynic to Harry Reid to Nancy Pelosi, we get the same crap day in day out over and over and over again. What is this innate characteristic in them that they cannot, under the simplest of circumstances, answer a question with a very simple “Yes” or “No”?

It’s like they live their lives with a caveat. Every answer comes with a stipulation or qualification or limitation or a crazed gyration to avoid a nauseation frustration cuz they need some lubrication in this situation and with every flatulation comes constipation… congratulations!!

And they think they are so cerebral and highbrow when they do it.

They are so clever and furtive…

I asked a simple question on nameless cynic on his blog… Why not show us the birth certificate? And he said he started to answer but the answer just got longer and longer.

And longer...

And longer...

Now he wants to answer me in a new posting.

GOOD GOD MAN… Have you no idea how this makes you look?

Do you feel a need to be an advocate for this crap?

This is ABC stuff Bill.

If thousands have signed a petition asking to see it, if hundreds of articles have raised the question, if I have to show mine to get a job here in Wisconsin, WHY NOT OBAMA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????WHY NOT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Humm…Why not????????????

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