Wednesday, March 10, 2010


You lefties are just blind…and blind is your good trait. You sit and suck Bill Minnich juice all the live long day blissfully boasting how accurate you are and how dishonest right wingers are. Well now you can just shut up, and I mean it, because you were wrong.


You were the ones who said the government owning 60% of GM was nothing more than an effort to help them get back on solid financial ground. You told us this was not socialism. You told us it’s just temporary and soon they would be back on their own two feet making cars Americans want. Those who spewed this bile are now tasting it for a second time because if you haven’t noticed, you are about to lick the litter box and enjoy the crap cakes Billy has baked for you.

Ford finished first in auto sales in February. This is a landmark event. They beat GM by just 55 units, but beat them none the less. Four years ago Ford stock was JUNK!! The turnaround is nothing short of incredible.

Ford also took no government money.

GM is trying to woo disenchanted Toyota owners now. I’m not going into the acceleration recall that everyone knows about. I see no need. When Obama took over GM he said “We don’t want to be in the car business.” All you need to know is Government Motors is capitalizing on Toyota’s pain. GM sent out a mailer to Toyota owners filled with incentives to trade in their Toyota and by a GM vehicle.

Toyota is livid, and rightfully so. Your tax dollars are now paying for a smear/fear campaign against another company that produces cars in America. Mailers have been sent out by GM to Toyota owners with a message on the envelope which reads, “Important Recall Information Enclosed!” but when you open the envelope it is nothing more than information that uses fear and manipulative language to get people to trade in their Toyota for a GM vehicle. Toyota says these are predatory incentives used against Toyota for GM gain. (Think Chicago Politics folks) These mailings and every word printed in them are funded by AMERICAN TAX PAYERS!!

Toyota employs hundreds of thousands of Americas. But let’s set that aside for a minute. Lets forget they employ hundreds of thousands of Americas.

Lets take the argument over wether or not Toyota is a company that makes cars in America and if it is or is not an American car company.

Let’s also forget the recall for the sake of argument. Just set those aside for a moment.

What has happened over the last 16 months is just unreal. Here you have a government owned company competing with privately owned companies. If the recall had been a Ford recall, how would that make you feel? The government slamming Ford and telling you to buy GM cars and trade your Ford in because we don’t want you getting hurt or worse driving their cars and trucks. Now how do you feel?

Is it right for the government to be targeting private companies? You could make the case between Fed Ex and the Post Office….Maybe. But that’s a stretch. But here you have one arm of the government regulating what Toyota should do with this recall, and another arm of government being a competitor of Toyota and making cars and trucks. No conflict of interest there?

So government (Obama) ownership of a car company is not socialist? Then why has there not been an effort to sell the stock back to GM: Particularly a company that is in an extremely competitive business? These three companies were literally in a dead heat for sales. Ford won by 55 cars!

I predict they will not sell the stock back, EVER! Why? Because Obama is trying to take over aspects of our entire economy: Look at healthcare!!!

Here’s a question for all you liberals out there, and I DARE YOU TO ANSWER IT!!!

If the government is willing to do what it is doing right now to Toyota, what will it do to privet insurance companies that it is in direct competition with, once it takes over healthcare?

There are some who would have no problem with this. There is a word for you:



Teresa said...

Great Post! Yep. There a bunch of socialists that love their socialist programs.

Eman said...

Teresa, you and I saw this coming last summer. They called us every name they could muster. This proves us out as forward thinking individuals and not just conservatives. Liberals base their policies on what they SAY the results will be, but the unintended consequences of their ideas are always backfiring on them and the result is never what was claimed.

They made us use plastic bags for groceries to save the trees and now the bags are stuck in the trees flapping in the breeze. (there’s a song in there somewhere…hummmm~~~)

Hack said...

Great blog! I found you through Teresa America. Please check us out anytime. I think you'll like us.

Follow if you like!

Eman said...

Thank you for coming and for your invitation. I accept!