Thursday, March 25, 2010


He Did What? Our President has gone too far. I’m done playing Mr. Nice Guy with this perverted politician. It’s not enough he wants to destroy our capitalist based society with a socialist state, now he turns and walks away from our greatest mid-east ally. I don’t care who knows it, reads it or says I said it, this president has to go. He has no concept of foreign affairs. He has no honor, no sense of right and wrong when it comes to relations with friendly allies or enemies of the state. He’s hasn’t the balls to stand up to Iran yet he turns his back on Israel.

This loser needs to be shown the door
and it can’t happen soon enough.


Teresa said...

Obama does need to be shown the door. He is an extremely scummy human being that is screwing one of our most important allies. This man needs to be booted from office. Impeachment proceedings, please.

Eman said...

I cannot type what I want to do to this liar. I'd be arested.