Thursday, March 18, 2010


Gallup has a new poll out showing the Presidents approval rating has now tanked and he is at a point, 14 months into his first term, where all his political capital is being spent on one thing: Healthcare. I question the mind of a man who would place all the eggs in the healthcare basket. Time after time I have debated those who want this to become law and no one has ever come to a point where they really believe any of what Obama says will happen in this bill, they just believe in the idea of government run healthcare. When you ask folks will it save costs, they say yes. Then you ask them if it will raise premiums, they say yes. So when you ask them how this makes healthcare more affordable, they come unglued.

Now this new Gallup poll has Obama’s approval rating, for the first time, upside down. Forty seven percent now disapprove of the way Obama is handling the country and 46% approve. When you look deeper at the question, it’s much more ominous for the President. But when you look at a poll like Rasmussen, you get a much clearer picture because it asks for the “strength of sentiment” behind peoples answers. The approval/ disapproval ratings in the respective polls are the same, and you may say they are very close, but look at the sentiment numbers and that idea melts into mush. Of the 47% that disapprove, 43% feel strongly he is screwing things up while only 23% of the 46% feel strongly he is doing well.

Those surrounding the president are doing him a huge disservice. Biden is the worst VP I have ever lived to see. His gaffes in Ireland and Israel this week are just the latest in a long line of blunders too numerous and brainless to mention, but the man is a ball and chain to Obama and reflects the type of people he has in his inner circle: They are intellectuals but they know nothing about public sentiment or public relations. From gifting to bowing to blessings for Irish leaders who are alive but should rest in peace, these clowns, if Republicans, would be labeled worse than Bush, but alas, they are not, so the complicit press smooth’s things over for them, and forgets the gaffs and amplifies the good for the sake of their messiah. But like welfare, the press is complicit in making the president a laughing stock and a late night punch-line for Leno and Letterman.

The press loves to tell us about the fractured Republicans and how they are not together, but say nothing about a hugely divided left which is now clinging to power by their fingernails while being asked to fall on their swords for a nose diving president for the sake of a horrible healthcare bill.

If he can’t get this bill done, his coalition falls apart and every blue dog democrat will run from this president, the far left will do the same, and his coattails will evaporate. Their hopes for card check for unions, immigration reform, cap and trade and any other of the things left on their lefty agenda will vaporize before their eyes.

These are the echo’s of the call for revolution fueling the tea party movement. I’m glad I’m in it. I’m down for the fight, and I can’t wait for their arms to drop so we can deliver the final blow. They won handily some 16 months ago, but oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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