Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ok… Here’s my theory and I am daring ANYONE to prove me wrong. You show me proof I am wrong I will never post again and take down all my political blogs.

Theory: You want to screw something up? You want something to loose money when it should be a bank roll or lose jobs when it was said to be a job maker and an economic boom for your country? What is a sure as the sun rises in the east way to make something... ANYTHING not succeed?

If you want
something to fail,
put a liberal
in charge of it.

If you want something to fail faster,
put more liberals in charge of it.

Example: Our military is the envy of the planet. No one can beat our armies and our men and women in uniform, hands down.

When were we not able to make that statement without question or pause?

When? Come on… When??? When was our armed forces at their worst?


Anonymous said...

Maybe when we lost in Vietnam, when Nixon was President?

Eman said...

Yes... But think militarty. The time around Nixon was bad, before him too, but Look at the question again: When was the U.S. Military at its worst?

Anonymous said...

Again, I would say "Vietnam". Is it that hard to understand? Although I willl admit, I don't have the first idea on how to think "militarty".

Eman said...

Well, yes… Vietnam was our military’s worst time. But you missed the mark.

This hint is going to give it away but it will serve to make you see where I’m headed here. If you look at our military today and took a poll of the men and women who are serving asking them if they consider themselves liberal or conservative, the vast majority of them would call themselves conservative. Well over 80% would be the number. If you took that poll of officers and the higher ranks, the percentage goes over the 90% mark.

If you had taken that same poll in 1965 through 1975, that was not the case, the number of liberals in the military was higher.


Anonymous said...

You asked "When was [sic] our armed forces at their worst?"

My answer? Vietnam.

And you now agree.

But it wasn't "where you were going" so you want to play some sort of convoluted guessing game now, just so you can provide YOUR version of the "correct" answer? After conceding Vietnam was correct? After claiming that I missed the mark?

I hit the mark, e-boy, and now you want to move the mark? Guess again.

"Prove me wrong, and I will never blog again."

You're wrong, dimwit, and you admitted such. Will you keep your word?

Highly doubtful. If you didn/ it'd be the first time.

Eman said...

The answer to my question was: During the DRAFT.

During the draft, liberals as well as conservatives, democrats and republicans, along with all other kinds of people, were drafted into the armed forces.

So the fact is, Diogenes, you missed the mark, but even if you had answered right, you have not proven me wrong. The fact is we were weakest when liberals were drafted into the military. When we didn’t draft them, they left… at light speed, allowing us to win military conflicts in days (Kuwait, Grenada, Panama) when led by true conservatives.

Clinton bombed aspirin factories, put our men and women at risk but giving the United Nations authority over our military and never finished the job (Kosovo) and generally gutted the military budget while giving secrets to our satellite technology to the Chinese.

The latest liberal in chief has had a quarter of a year to decide on a surge in Afghanistan and has yet to make up his mind. This while our brave men and women fight and die waiting for their resources and relief to come from a man who desperately wants to lose with honor because he has said he dislikes the term “victory”.

So, getting back on subject, you were wrong Diogenes, proving yet again your liberal agenda to take my blogs off the internet, as well as your small minded ability to answer a simple question which had nothing to do with the challenge, has failed.

The challenge was to prove the statement “If you want something to fail, put a liberal in charge of it” wrong.

You didn’t. Case CLOSED!!

Eman said...

It is people like you Diogenes that serve to embolden the task of vigilance of my country. You are twisting words to support an agenda based on conjecture. How have you proven me wrong? How did you think you had defeated me when the EXAMPLE I set up was just that: An Example. It was not a way to win the day and force me from the blogosphere. It was an example. But you took it and twisted it and turned it into a victory for your cause. You need to read better. I have a huge spelling problem but you… You have a reading problem: A comprehension problem skewed by hatred and vitriol towards me and my beliefs.

You have just displayed for all to see how convoluted the liberal mind is.

You were literally demanding to be declared the winner when what you were responding to had NOTHING to do with the challenge.

There are none so blind as those who will not see. You who claim to be open to all races and all points of view: You who represent those who champion all the little people and all the little groups you think you represent, YOU WHO CLAIM TO BE MORE OPEN MINDED THAN ALL OTHERS HAVE BEEN SO OPEN MINDED YOUR BRAIN FELL OUT!!

You are the reason I blog. You are the reason K.O.O.K. and Teresa and Left Coast Rebel and “It Don’t Make No Sense” and “United Conservatives Of America” and so many others must remain vigilant to the cause of liberty. You have no moral ground. You have no ethical foundation. All you have is of this world, and this world, just like you, will pass away and burn to dust. We know and we stand on the Rock of Christ. We know right from wrong and left from right. We see things in black and white while you relish the grey areas mans laws create.

Vigilance is the price we pay to keep you, the wolf, at bay.

Teresa said...

All you liberals know how to do is distort the facts to meet your nitwit peacenick agenda. You think of yourselves as victims, when your not. Rise up and accept responsibility. Do something with your life instead of waiting for the government to take care of all your worries. Government is the problem. Government has never and will never be the solution to problems. It only makes problems worse. Look at all the social programs, there going bankrupt, and have only managed to keep people beholden on those government checks, instead of helping them getting out of poverty. Democrats want to keep people reliant on government programs, while conservatives help give people the tools for success. We want people to make as much money as they possibly can, while even our own President punishes the "rich" for earning their money, so he can spread the wealth. Well, if he spreads the wealth for much longer than there is going to be NO MORE wealth to spread.

Eman said...

Oh, what a lovely war. By the rockets red glare liberals bursting in air, gave proof thru the night, that our flag is STILL THERE!

Thank you Teresa. Diogenes has been out flanked by a righteous woman. That’s gonna leave a mark
She not only has a great blog, she has an iron right cross. Now all we need is a left hook to pull his butt out of here.

Soloman said...

I hopped over here 'cause I saw your comment on Teresa's blog and had to see what was up.

I agree about the draft. What's interesting is that my answer - before seeing any of the comments - was the Clinton era, because I'm not old enough to remember the draft days, and before then liberals were not as pathetic as they are today. Even the far left liberals of the past - FDR as an example - were sound in their handling of our national security for the most part.

Liberalism isn't the same now as it was.. now they call themselves "progressive" but they really are just a bunch of whiny babies. In that respect, I have to disagree with you, Teresa - they are victims... of themselves!

Anyway.. first time here, I'll be back...

Teresa said...

I agree. They are victims of themselves. I just didn't want to give Dio an easy out. People like Dio accept the "victim" label so quickly and easily because they don't believe in hard work and responsibility. They believe that they should be pampered by everyone else their whole life. I have two words for you- GROW UP.

Eman said...

Soloman, I first want to tank you for your visit and your comment. I posted the plea on Teresa’s blog because I wanted you all to see the liberal mind at work. This was a teaching moment for me and I hope for you as well. There are parasites in liberal land and they seek conflict and compromise. That in itself isn’t so bad but this is really a “case” where you could see the liberal mind twisting and spinning it’s web trying to squeeze out a victory when in reality (Which they know nothing about) they were showing themselves to be quite shallow and bigoted.

The Clinton era? Hummm. Interesting hypothesis. I do see where you’re coming from about FDR but I just can’t get past “The New Deal” thing with him. But you have a decent argument about his ability to secure us. My hypothesis is based on modern liberalism as we see it manifested today. These guys could screw up a soup sandwich.

Dio-rrhea has been proven here to be a lost cause. He can’t even get to his feet in the arena of ideas.

I personally want to thank all of you (Especially Teresa) who came here to see this. I wanted this to be a real teaching moment for us. I believe we need to understand the enemy better as they are today. In a year, we must never surrender and totally annihilate the liberals and their agenda.

No RINO’s!
No Blue-dogs!

Soloman said...


I love liberals.. as in love to analyze their thinking and destroy them in conversation. See, as I say in my blog profile, I used to be a liberal, until I learned to think for myself - so I have a great understanding of where they come from.

I spend a lot of time on my blog picking up liberal talking points and showing my readers where the liberal though process fails. You can check out my most recent example here, as I dissect a Rachel Maddow segment and explain why regardless of the fact that she is a Rhodes Scholar, she fails because she falls into the simple trappings of using emotion over facts. Emotion is the demise of almost every liberal agenda item and talking point.

Anyway, I didn't come here to toot my own horn so much as to let you know I think we see things the same with regards to FDR regarding the New Deal, but I definitely credit FDR with being a good wartime president.

Clinton, on the other hand, completely depleted our forces, our CIA, and our FBI over 8 years and made them all incredibly weak. And of course we all know how many times he did not retaliate against terrorist attacks, and how many opportunities he had to catch bin Laden and let him go. I heard much about this during those years, as my uncle and cousin were both Navy Chief Petty Officers and dealt with it firsthand.

And I think we all can see already that Obama and this Congress are worse than anything Clinton ever was.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Eman! Your post is very true, and don't let any libtards tell you otherwise. And, don't take your blog or posts down, then the scums win. And, they loose and mess up everything. They couldn't even run a whore house w/hookers and booze when the gov't took one over!
Thanks for your kind words about me on Teresa's blog. Take Care and Keep fighting.

Anonymous said...

There was a draft in the American Revolution, in the Civil War, in World War I, in World War II, in Korea, and in Vietnam. In fact, there's pretty much been a draft up until 1973. So that theory of yours doesn't work.

And to suggest that a draft is the only time Democrats/Liberals have ever entered the military is just preposterous. An all-volunteer army's composition has a lot less to do with one's political leanings as it does with one's economic opportunities. A lot of economically disadvantaged youth enlist because they have no other viable job opportunities. And that cuts across party lines.

How come conservative icons like Dick Cheney avoided the draft altogether, as he had "other priorities"?

Your basic premise is that only conservatives are true Americans and true Christians, which is a load of crap. But, then again, you shovel crap by the cartload around here.

Eman said...

Yes Dio-rrhea, let’s not address the issue of YOUR screw up. Let’s not talk about haw badly you read and understand issues. Let’s spin it so Eman looks bad.

Why is it that people who never TAKE advice are always GIVING advice?

I refuse to sit here and beat a dead donkey. My God Dio-rrhea, have you NO shame?

Go home and tell your mommy she wants you.

Liberal Factoid #17: If they lose a hundred times, they will still claim victory.

Liberal Factoid #18: If they lose a hundred times, they will bring it up for another try after lowering the expectations.

You didn't even say "Thank You" for me posting your comments.




That's ok Dio-rrhea, your government check will be here in 6 more days and you'll be back in business again.

Anonymous said...

I admit my mistake: I took you at your word, when you said "Prove Me Wrong And I Will Never Blog Again." But please don't get me wrong; I don't want you to stop blogging. I need a daily laugh!

(And, by the way, it's not really that hard to "spin" anything to make the e-boy look bad -- a quarter turn of the screw, at best.)

Nor will I thank you for posting my comments. Whether or not they get posted means nothing to me, as long as you and I both know how stupid you truly are.

Eman said...

Yep... I was right... No shame.

I can't remember when I had so much fun. What a riot!!

Soloman said...

Hey Anonymous, (which means someone who doesn't have the stones to expose their pathetic left-wing blog)...

I just have to ask, do you have a source that verifies that all wars prior to Vietnam had a draft? I am aware that the Selective Service was one of FDR's brainchildren (what a louse that guy really was) but I don't believe that the American Revolution or Civil War had a draft.

Please provide a link to a credible source when making such statements, unless you prefer to remain seen as incompetent as we know you are.

BTW - calling someone a dimwit in their own blog is just immature, but I've come to learn this is the liberal way. However, since Eman is nice enough to post your dribble I'll leave it alone, as this is his turf.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Keep blogging.

Eman said...

Did you ever have a fish take the bait and you suddenly realize it’s a carp or a dog fish and after 45 minutes all yah wanna do is cut the line because you’re sick of fighting this God-forsaken fertilizer fish? Dio-rrhea, you are really a hoot, but your act has become very old. You make false statements and completely fact less assertions and claim victory when you never took the challenge.

You answered a question from my example.
You answered a question from my example.
You answered a question from my example!!!!!!

Good God man, grow a brain.

People comment and challenge your assertions and you never answer them. NEVER!!

You are no longer welcome here. You’re just too sick to be responded to. You have disqualified yourself by way of stupid.

Eman said...

I refuse to publish Dio-rrhea's new comment. His vocabulary has become churlish and ignorant, though I am tempted to publish it in part to show you the name calling and verbal abuse he needs to foist on the people who have blasted his arguments out of the sky. We have seen enough of his uncouth verbiage to understand he has nothing of substance to offer.

He does, however, maintain the claim he has won a battle which he never actually engaged. Curious… I’m not sure how that is accomplished, but from his unique perspective, tortuous as it is, he will always be correct, if not right.

As I’ve said before, the words used by others to describe people they dislike are most times the very words people have used in the past to describe themselves.

This Dio-rrhea is a sad man. No one who uses such abuse could conjure it up themselves. It must be learned behavior. It would seem probable abuse by the father or mother of this sad soul has manifested into a very disturbed and angry individual.

It would seem he needs a lot of therapy but more certainly our prayers. This may be a situation only God can repair.

More research is needed here.

Uncle Slam said...

"There was a draft in the American Revolution"

There was?