Sunday, October 4, 2009


Why don’t the same people who called Bush out on his “lies” call Obama out on his? A quick check around the liberal blogs and I find very few even mentioning any of the Presidents pre or post election broken promises.

A short list of Obama's lies includes:
1) Transparency in government
2) No lobbyists
3) Cut the deficit in half
4) The most ethical administration ever
5) No ear marks or pork spending
6) Post all bills on line for 72 hours before I sign them
7) I will reach out to the other side for ideas
8) Unemployment will no go over 8%
9) No one making less then 250K will see there taxes go up
10) Illegal's will not be covered under the health care bill
11) Abortion will not be covered under the health care bill.
12) The stimu-Less will create or save 3 million jobs.
13) Cuts to Medicare providers won't reduce seniors' benefits.
14) Cutting 500 billion from Medicare will not affect quantity or quality of care.

There are 45 or 50 more I won’t go into but hypocrisy of the left is moving the political landscape under their feet and there is little they can do. Because of their inaction on so many issues such as a stimulus package that stimulated nothing at all, they are facing real “In Your Face” political numbers which they are choosing to ignore, at least in outward appearance. In a Gallup poll on 6/15/09 Americans who I.D. themselves as conservative or very conservative was 40% while those claiming liberal or very liberal status we at 21%.

It gets worse.

In 2006, 50% of those over age 65 said they would vote democratic to 39% republican. Last August that number had shrunk to 43% for democrats and those saying they plan to vote Republican were at 52%, this in a comparison of PEW polls of those years. On the issues of healthcare and the economy 52% disapprove of the work Obama is doing and 56% disapprove of the way he is handling the deficit (AP poll 9/9/09) A Rasmussen poll taken on 8/26/09 asked about government size and found 70% favored fewer services and lower taxes while 19% favored more services and higher taxes. Rasmussen also reported for the first time Obama’s approval rating had now dropped below 50% for the first time on 9/16/09 and has not recovered yet.

So when David Axelrod said on “Face the Nation” on September 13th that, “One of the great things about our country is people can express themselves, even if they’re not representative of the majority… They don’t represent a mainstream view of this healthcare plan and so I don’t think we ought to be distracted by that.” he was oblivious to the facts, and facts always get in the way of the left, don’t they? Even when Team Obama plays the race card, the people are not buying it one bit. Only 12% of those polled by Rasmussen last month think opponents of Obamacare are racist and 70% think it’s just crap. Now that’s calling a spade a spade….

Can an administration who claims to be so in touch with the people, be so blind?

The answer is no, but they can be deaf, dumb and blind.


Teresa said...

THis administration is ignoring the facts on purpose. And, they are ignoring and shrugging off the concerns of citizens on purpose. I totally believe that the MSM is incapable of doing their job. Plus, they have no journalist integrity and ethics. Very sad...Plainly, our government is no longer representing the people.

United Conservatives of America said...

Absolutely correct. The only people that the government is representing now is themselves.

If the American people do not turn this thing around by the mid-term elections, we will be in for a very rough road until 2012.

I fear more and more everyday that our country is turning into a Marxist/communist country, and even more than that, I fear what that may bring.

I may be new to all this political stuff, but I am trying to learn, and believe me, the more I read, watch, listen to, and research, the more things make sense, and don't make sense.

Does that make sense?