Sunday, October 18, 2009


There'a an old saying that states: "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go."  Now, you might think I'm talking about the blog stalking chicken hearted loser who calls himself "Diogenes" but I wouldn't be that kind. No, I am speaking of seven much more recognizable faces. These seven can actually destroy lives and change the corse of a nation, whereas Diogenes mearly self distructs by offering oral arguments and visits blogs as a merandering rudderless pointless and tragic waste of salt water.

These liberals are poster fodder for term limits.

Diogenes is simply a pro-choice poster child.

I look forward to defeating these seven in the arena of ideas, because quite frankly, they have none. The best idea they could ever come up with is to never run for office again. The only thing running for Diogenes is the poop off his nose from the rear of some nameless cynic. Thank God his lips remain in Colorado Springs.

Herry Reid

Barbara Boxer

Blanche Lincoln

Ike Skelton

John Murtha

David Obey

Chris Dodd
Barring Acorn intervention, in about a year, we will bid these loony liberals farewell.

P.S. Oh say there Diogenes, you mentioned that very few folks read my blog, but it will always be more read than yours. The truth is (And truth has always been your Achilles heel) 17 countries have read this and my other blogs and over 30 cities in the U.S. alone.

You and your "cynical" side-kick have no such audience, not even a fraction of it, and your following consists of people who despise your views and refute your findings which you both love to pull out of thin air, kind-a like the quotes attributed to Rush that he never said.

We’ve seen your game. We’ve read your playbook. You come to verbal arguments unarmed and outgunned. I could give a rats butt if you ever visit me here. You say you do it to rile me and call me a fool. What your kind will never understand is the accusations of fools like you reflect your countenance, not your preys.

At least I spend time with my son doing what he loves to do and not telling him what he should enjoy.

You sit there and point out the fleck in my eye ignoring the log in your own. Your kind are all too numerous, filling the welfare lines, emptying food pantries and generally raking muck. You’re not a has-been, you’re a never-was! If all you have to do with your life is drop your stink bombs on blogs, do it on your own. This is not your out house.

As for the rest of you, thanks for visiting.


Teresa said...

I loved it!! You go!!
Tell Diogenes off!!

Those gang of seven most defnitely need to be booted out of office. You can add Nancy Pelosi to the list of worthless do nothings also. I think this is the most corrupt government in history.

Eman said...

THE THING FROM COLORADO SPRINGS calls me a moron… Well, I’m more-on than he’ll ever hope to be. Diogenes is kind-of like a sneeze or a bass guitar solo… You know its coming, there’s just nothing you can do about it. He brings the most pathetic rhetoric, tactless vocabulary and utter nonsense arguments to arena of ideas thinking he signifies something. Talk about your noisy gongs and clanging cymbals. Sometimes you have to let the fool be a fool. In this case, I had to remove his “droppings” that he leaves everywhere he goes and give him a verbal spanking. (I wouldn’t give him a real spanking… he never wipes after leaving said “droppings” and I ain’t going there!) He won’t even post under his name. If I said what he said, I guess I’d not want to own it either.

Thanks for stopping by Teresa and watch out for Dio-droppings in your path.

Anonymous said...

Mindless puke you are, e-boy. You delete my comments like that bothers me? All I want is for you to realize what a joke of a human being you are... I could not care less about anybody else, as long as you and I are on the same page. (Besides, other than your groupie Teresa, nobody else ever comes onto this site anyway, so there's no loss when you delete my comments.)

Find a ghost to bugger, will you?

Eman said...

If it didn't bother you dio-sludge you wouldn't come back here looking or commenting again...and again... and again.

You and I have been on the same page for a year...Why the need to keep coming back and telling me this old news. I am ecstatic with my lot of friends here. The only way I could be happier is if you took you immature mindless tripe back to the hole you crawl out of twice a day to visit me here.

You come here to comment, to be published, to be heard, that in itself tells us all, when you have no avenue (blog) of your own to post on, what a narcissistic self-important and lugubrious adolescent you are.

I have a ten year old son. I don’t want a toddler to spank ever freekin day.

Your arguments are all risible. You annoy all you encounter, but then we see (all too clearly) that annoyance is your life’s vocation.

I realize how foolish it is giving advice to one who ALWAYS gives it and NEVER takes it but, Dio, you need to grow up, get real and turn right next time. All those lefts you’re taking are making you quite the commie.

(I recognize guys and gals, giving advice to a lefty is insanity. I just can’t help myself.)

Eman said...

I just checked...

In no particular order, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Poland, the Philippines, Nigeria, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Italy, Turkey, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and The United States of America all have been here in the last 7 months.

SEVENTY TWO CITIES IN 22 STATES have visited here in the last 4 months.

No one visits this blog?

Are you hearing this peeps? He's calling you "No One".

I have the proof.
You have crap on your face Dio-rrhea.

Teresa said...

DIO-A.K.A Anon,
Since you have the brain capacity of a 5 year old, go and have fun playing with yourself. You are nothing more than a useless twat. Go crawl back in your hole, and leave Eman alone. Go have fun with all your commie friends. Go have a life!! Go get a girlfriend, or spend time with your significant other. Do something useful with your time. Stop wasting Eman's time. Stop spreading your manure droppings here. Keep them to yourself. Your stink is as foul as a garbage dump. Keep your stink to yourself.

Eman said...

She is soooo sexy when she's right.

Anonymous said...

What is she, e-boy? Your wife? Your sister? Both? Or is she a figment of your unfertile imagination? (Your word choices are awkwardly similar.)

Anyone can look at your register and see that you've inflated your stats. But the really funny thing is: WHY? Nobody ever comments on your blog, so most people must stumble upon it by accident and leave laughing.

I don't need a blog to prove my self-worth, e-boy. The fact that you have THREE blogs says volumes about you!

Eman said...

1. She is not my wife. She is a fellow blogger from Pittsburg PA. whom I’ve never met, never spoke to face to face or on the phone and she will verify this.
2. If you knew anything about feed-jit real time traffic feed, you’d know the owner not only gets a hit list but gets a map of every home that hits your site. I can even get satellite photos of the homes that hit my site. I get a list of countries and percent of each country’s hits. I said I have proof and I stand by every country, every hit and every fact… Yes…facts… That’s that silly little thing that gets in your way all the time.
3. I have FOUR blogs, not three, and they all are visited often. You need to go back to Sesame Street and watch Count loser.

You just showed everyone here how fact-less, clueless, brainless and gutless you are. I have no reason to inflate or bloviate… I leave that to you and your cynical side-kick. The only one embellishing anything here is YOU! Things like your intelligence, your self-worth and your competence are all in need of hard work and education instead of fabrication and amplification, not your crazed gyrations.

Never had it, never will…

See yah 7UP.