Saturday, October 31, 2009


There are people around who just will not see truth. There are those who won’t be told they’re wrong. They are the control freaks, the invidious green eyed self loving kind who live life to put others down so they can be built up. They are usually found among the dissipated and depraved for they enjoy like minded liberals.
I have two people who have come here to this page and they have never been wrong. They say the sky is orange, it is. They say the world is a cube… It is. They declare they are correct when words come from their lips and can never be challenged or mistaken.

Diogenes is one such afflicted creature. He has no blog of his own. He makes wild claims and when truth is placed before him he reacts predictably: He either kicks it out of the way or walks around it so it has no real meaning to him.

Nameless Cynic (Bill) is another, but in this case he has a blog and a lap dog who I spoke of in the previous paragraph. Bill is a veteran who despises anything moral or anything claiming to be moral or normal in HIS eyes. He loves gays, hates conservatives, he loves Obama, hates Republicans, he loves Muslims, hates Christians, He embraces socialism, despises America. He lives in the U.S. but longs for anything other than the home of the brave. So instead of moving, he works to change it. When challenged he will not stay on subject. Instead he will attack you and your beliefs. A man asks Obama a question (Joe the plumber) and the man is labeled a gay tax evading wife beater.

I will never be able to understand the thought process of people like Bill and Diogenes. They believe America is wrong. They think our best days are behind us. They think Obama is doing all the right things, when in fact he is doing all the left things. Bill would have us think government is the answer to all that’s wrong in America. Diogenes thinks healthcare is a right. How dubious is that? The entitlement mentality these two people display reflect a large portion of the populous and exhibit a real lack of personal responsibility. They think those who have succeeded and are prospering owe them part of their resources which in no way they have earned. They believe they are entitled to live like the wealthy without the effort or sacrifice the prosperous have made. This is not America. Banks, corporations and individuals who have not operated within their means should reorganize, be bought out or file for bankruptcy. But in their world, America pays their mortgages and covers their debit without reprisal. That’s Obama’s new math.

In no way does this resemble America. The American dream is earned, not bestowed.

To be fare, Bill responded to my post “Prove Me Wrong And I Will Never Blog Again”. He responded to my question, “When was our military at it’s worst?”

I will quote him. He said, “Actually, I'd have to say Abu Ghraib. But maybe that's just me.”

Oh yes, that terrible chapter in this Iraqi wars’ history where we made terrorists make human pyramids. We made them disrobe and took pictures of it all and disgraced the great name of America so blatantly. Dogs barked at the terrorists. They were possibly even water-boarded. This was a terrible thing to do to people and it had to be exposed as a war crime by Bush and Cheney.

Bill, I got your point. What we did was so disproportionate to what they did to us.

Things like what they did to our soldiers…

And like this...

And our people and cities...

Let me get this off my chest so we can move on.

What happened at Abu Ghraib could never EVER pay these bastards back for what they did. War crimes? Are you forgetting something here Bill and Diogenes? Are you telling me these un-uniformed combatants who hide behind their religious shrines, meet in public places and in the homes of innocents knowingly putting innocent women and children in harms way, attack our ships at sea (USS COLE) kill 238 marines in Lebanon and destroy The World Trade Center, ½ the Pentagon and crash a jet into a Pennsylvania field should get respect and never feel any pain for what they did?

You are sicker than they are. You promote their world and ignite discord here in the U.S. and I think you need to treated like they treated Daniel Pearl.

There may be people like this Bill and Diogenes who drop f-bombs and curse words to make their point.

I don’t need to.

They would say I am wrong in some strange and skewed way.

They would call what I have said here fantasy.





Anonymous said...

If there's a stench here, it's coming from you. You can't even tell the difference between Al Qaeda and Iraq.

Eman said...

Take a look at the last comment you will ever make here Diogenes you Muslim loving America hating entitlement sucking small minded vomitus mass.

There is one help for you: Jesus Christ. I’m not him, though he is in me, and if you comment here again, you’ll never see it. You have delusions of adequacy. Have you considered suing you brain for desertion? In view of the fact God limited your intelligence; it seems unfair that he did not also limit your stupidity.

Say so long to the one we so long to say good-by to.

United Conservatives of America said...

You are absolutely right. No one wants to hear the truth because, quite frankly, the truth scares them...AND IT SHOULD!!!

You really hit the nail on the head, and if you would like to read something similar (if you haven't already) visit my blog and look for the post titled, 'HOW DARE YOU FORGET'.

I would like to know what you think, because, quite honestly, you seem like a very intelligent person and I like the way you think and write.

Have a great week.

Eman said...

Diogenes has again commented. He has told me time after time no one visits this blog and yet he says, “You have the power to ban anybody you want, any time you want. And you use it, whenever somebody shows the world what a fool you are.”

So if, as he claims, no one comes here, how am I showing “the world” anything? This is the contradictory rhetoric of the liberally brain dead. I’ve added 9 cities and two countries in the last 12 days.

He also states my “statements are overly simplistic and irrational. But, since you live with your head up your posterior, it's not surprising that your vision is clouded.”
Well if my head is up my butt, it was only an effort to get my head as far up my butt as your head is up yours Diogenes.

Dio-rrhea continues to post anonymously, thinking he’s someone else. Well… If I were him I’d wanna be someone else too.

Pictures mean nothing.
Facts mean nothing.
Truth means nothing.
What got us to greatness mean nothing to them.

The fact is this enemy wants us dead and is willing to die to accomplish their goal. Their Messiah and their agenda mean everything to them. The two liberals this post addresses are all too willing to let them take over, which is why I made this post on my blog.

Not on my watch.

Paul Ellis said...

Looks like he wrote one in respons to you. I don't know what he's thinking.

God Bless

Eman said...

Paul, I want to thank you for the heads-up. I appreciate your effort and I pray you understand my response.

I have no intention of going to see what Bill has written about me. I’m sure it’s unflattering and cynical but I just do not have the inclination to wallow in the outhouse that is his blog. If you go there often enough and you start to smell, feel, speak and As the post states, some people are just full of… My purpose is to show we all must rise above…it. Bill and his lap dog are just what I said they are, maybe less.

My time is better spent networking with you and Teresa and all the other great young minds whom I have met here and in their blogs to assure victory in 2010 and 2012. The task is to change hearts and minds. Those two have neither.

With any luck those two will slip into something more comfortable… Like a coma.

Anonymous said...

Aimless and Diogofleas are now REALLY upset because Maine makes 31 states in which they can't get married.

Pat Riot