Tuesday, January 5, 2010


In an op-ed piece written by Michael Kinsley called Whats Our Line? and to Bill Minnich's reprint of Lee Papa's artical from his "The Rude Pundit" blog, I am compelled to to posit the following. Please take the time to read both befoe reading my response as it necessary for you to know what was said before you read my post.

Michael Kinsley has masterfully written a response to those opposed to civilian trials of terrorists captured abroad. Mr. Kinsley has basically said he would rather error on the side of caution, treating these terrorists as if they were home grown terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh or the Columbine Killers. It’s a brave attempt at logic from a liberal.

His point is ‘You have to draw the line somewhere, so therefore it’s ok to draw it here, at the boarders of the United States.

Thats ridicules! You could use that argument to draw the line anywhere you darn well please!!

He invokes murderers and child molesters. Murderers and child molesters are inherently less dangerous than terrorists because terrorists are part of an on going plot, whereas the murderer and child molester acts on his or her own. The point of terror is that there is little that can be done after the fact.

It's a war guys, not a crime spree.
Very catchy

Bill Minnich's and Kinsley’s entire argument here is about how to best punish terrorists. Those of us who see clearly the need to stop terror are trying to prevent future terror: That’s the fundamental difference.  By allowing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was cooperating while being waterboarded, and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab with his "FRUIT OF THE BOOM" underwear, to be tried in civilian courts means they get to lawyer up and get the same rights as Americans. This prevents us from garnering information to prevent future attacks!

To use the logic (or illogic) of Kinsley, if World War Two had been fought on American soil, lets say…Texas… is he arguing that every Nazi captured there would have to be given a civilian trial? You’ve got to differentiate between war and crime!!

This administration does not believe we are at war. If we found a known terrorist on the streets of Bagdad we have the right to blow him to 70 virgins but if we catch him trying to blow up a jet in America we have to give him a lawyer… That’s ridicules!!

Just because you say you have to draw a line somewhere does not mean Americans have to draw it here. That's Elitist!!

As for erring on the side of American justice, I don’t know about Kinsley or Bill Minnich or Lee Papa, but I will stand on the side of American security!!! Liberals like these guys love to feel morally superior, “Oh I feel so much better to extend rights to this guy who tried to take 280 lives on this plane.” And I can here Bill Minnich saying “You just want to waterboard them and get information out of them!”

Damn RIGHT!!

I’m smarter then you limp wristed dopes. I’ll waterboard them all the live long day if it means I save one American. I’ll waterboard them and find out whats going on in Yemen and I’ll go over there and kill whoever they say is plotting against America. You liberals might say you’re better than me and that I'm sick and wrong and inhuman. Well I just saved American lives you panty-wasted milk-toast fool.

And yes, I’d do it even if it means saving you Cynical Bill, or saving you Diorreah, or you Michael Kinsley.

You know why? I’ll tell you why.

Because that’s what real Americans do!!


Eman said...

Seven days into 2010 and we have 200 hits on my blog. This does not include my visits.

Thank you all for coming.

WomanHonorThyself said...

G'mornin my friend!:)...excellent rant and keep up the great fight!!!!

Eman said...

Paul Ellis said on "Nameless Cynic's Blog, "Eman seems to still be hating on you pretty hard. He calls you out by name on his last post."

Who said anything about “hating on” Bill Minnich, Paul Ellis from Fairfield California? I have come out with an opposing view point, state my case and you call it hate speech? Just because people don’t go along with your lefty thinking agenda does not make my opinion hate speech Paul.

I said I would "I’ll waterboard them all the live long day if it means I save one American. I’ll waterboard them and find out whats going on in Yemen and I’ll go over there and kill whoever they say is plotting against America. And yes, I’d do it even if it means saving you Cynical Bill, or saving you Diorreah, or you Michael Kinsley."

Thats hate??????

You want every one to just fall in line with your premise and goose step right through the door of socialism that you hold open. Well I’m not drinking your Kool-aid. And 60-70% of America is going to tell you very soon the same thing. If what I said is hate speech GET USED TO IT! You want more? Talk to Harry Reid about what he thinks about black Presidents!!

Bill Minnich replies on his blog:"Well, I don't doubt it. Remember how I said that his blog has become a hate site? I'm not sure why he obsesses on me, since I spend pretty much my entire day not thinking about him."

Bill, you're pathetic. Obsess? On you? Oh please, your delusions of grandeur are only outshined by your ability to be wrong. If I spent 1/1000th of my day thinking about you, I’d check myself into the funny farm, but alas, their last vacancy was taken by Diorreah.

Bill continues: "Maybe it's because he can't stand that, deep down, he knows I'm right. (You're far too left to be right Bill) I'm not religious, but even I know that Jesus, who got tortured and then hung from a stick isn't going to smile down on other people getting tortured. You know, Prince of Peace and all that..."

Yeah Bill, thats why God made HELL.

"His last email but one included the fascinating concept that, if you torture one guy, then you torture some other guys to verify the information. He's apparently also a torture junkie, needing more and more to fill the aching void where he should have a soul; what do you do when information from the two tattered bodies doesn't match? Obviously, you torture some more... apparently, the Passion of the Christ awakened something unhealthy in Eric...)

I have but one need Bill, I need my leaders to defend America and do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe and freedom protected from its enemies. This "leader" you stand by scares me most of the planet.

Bill continues: "He's taken to writing some rambling screed to me every day or so, but I'm just not going to feed his obsession. He can sit there on his blog and fume all he wants, but there's just something disturbing about his man-crush on me."

What I do write to him is simply that his ideas are so weak they cannot withstand debate, which is why Bill won't print my comments. And "man-crush"? Ho Bill you have no idea how many men want to crush you.

Bill ends with: "My other stalker is at least down to once a week or so. Eventually, Eric will probably give up, too."

Bill, you have marginalized yourself into obscurity because you no longer debate, you dictate. That’s what the left does. Your arguments are so enervated and inadequate you yourself can only curse and spew your hate-speak on a blog that now has ten visitors this year. Only took you 12 days. Nice work Billy. You never had the stones to stand on what you utter anyway. It’s “utter” nonsense.