Sunday, January 3, 2010


Though my predictions were not spot-on they were darn close.
The Packers are in the playoffs.
I gave them a 12-4 record. They ended 11-5 and were one play away (Steelers) from being 12-4.
They have won 7 of their last 8 and are a very tough defensive team. They are also hard to stop offensively. They have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and Aaron Rogers is only the second Packer to finish the season with a QB rating over 100. Bart Star was the first.

I'm very happy with most facets of the team. The coach changed a 6-10 team into a very tough hard nosed football team. We need offensive line help next season and need to get it through free agency. Drafting will not be much help in that the help we need is immediate. Special teams are a deep concern as well. Coverage teams are average and penalty prone. Well…The whole team is penalty prone but 50% of that is aggressive play penalties. That’s the price we pay for being the #1 defense.

I’m looking forward to this post season. We have much to prove and much to learn.

How far will they go? Well, I'll take this one game at a time since I have no idea who they play after Arizona. We will beat Arizona but not like we did this last week. It will be closer.
Packers 31  Cardinals 24


Teresa said...

Good Luck to the Packers in post season.

To be honest, I have never really been a football fan. I grew up playing softball, so I loved baseball. I am not really a football fan even today, but Pittsburgh and its fans gives you Steeler fever so I enjoy watching the Steelers sometimes.

Since you are a Packers fan have you heard of Tom Brown? He played under Vince Lombardi.

Eman said...

LOL... Thats Jim Brown my dear and yes I have heard of him. A bit before my time but he was great.

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. Sure hope you're feeling better and God is healing you. This is my daily prayer.

The Steelers have always been my second team. But alas, I have green blood and always will. So does my son Ean. My wife likes the tight butts.

And thats all I have to say about that

Teresa said...

Take a look. There really is a Tom Brown.

He actually has a son named Jim who was a classmate of mine.

Eman said...

I stand corrected. Wow... Didn't know this guy at all. Thanks for the page Teresa. I appreciate you!

Eman said...

Ouch... That hurt. Only one thing to say....

Go Pack.... your bags.

Diogenes said...

I rather enjoyed it. You're a confirmed loser, once again.

Eman said...

We here on this blog know you are never wrong because you lean on your own understanding and have no humility whatsoever. for the second time in this somment section alone, I have admitted I was wrong.

We had a real good sermon this Sunday Diorreah. The lesson was humility. Being able to say you're wrong.

I had a brief thought of you when the the Pastor said, "You know, if you're never wrong, then you're never right."

Diogenes said...

I'm not always right. I'm just not usually wrong, the way you are.

Uncle Slam said...

"I rather enjoyed it. You're a confirmed loser, once again."

Diogofleas (much like his buttboy, Stooge Minnich), is no football fan. He's here spouting off merely to aggrivate. He knows as much about football as he does history and politics (and tact).

Eman said...

I really have a hard time understanding how you believe you are almost never wrong when you have no sense of history or duty to the rule of law Diogenes. You say you aren’t worried about me showing up at your door, but refuse to even reveal your name. If you're not scared why not tell me? You say, “Come and get me” yet you give no location. If you want me to come, where is your information? You rely on anonymity, obscurity and live in darkness (Darkness meaning no moral compass or reference point for faith or belief structure) and most of all you live in fear: Fear that your vitriol ire and hate speech will one day come back and smite you. You’re a real piece of work but in all honesty you are one of many who live rudderless lives. You have my prayers and my pity. How depressing it must be to live in such trepidation. This gloom must be hard to bear.