Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I sat at my desk stunned tonight. With the minutes passing by and new returns coming in five minute intervals, I sat shaking my head and pondering the meaning beyond the obvious. The foundation the democrats had forged in Massachusetts was built on shifting sand.

A protestant in a Catholic state, not worthy of being called conservative yet attractive enough to deal a knockout blow to the Obama agenda, has now shown the puppet press “The Tea Baggers” are real, they are winners, and they are not going away.


Anonymous said...

Finally, hope and change we can get excited about.

Pat Riot

Eman said...


JT Norlander said...

Scott Brown isn't ideal, but he's sure as heck a lot better than the other liberals that could have run and did run.
hopefully this turns the tide.

Uncle Slam said...

LOL...you should see the meltdown Shrill Minnich is having on his "blog"! He first says it's not a big deal (has this idiot every got anything right?), then he makes excuses at to why the dems lost, then he attacks Senator-elect Brown.

This is the same stammering jackass who claimed a few months ago that election victories in NJ and Virginia were no big deal. Sure they aren't, Bill. And your wife doesn't look like a shaved walrus.

This moron makes Keith Obamamann look sane.

Eman said...

I did see his post. Laughed at it just as you did. It's just another isolated incident. Nothing to see here. I didn't comment. I mean, why? He and his 4 followers might get upset and start something, like a tupperwear party.

Eman said...

Though he'll never post it, I commented on Cynic's blog saying: I can see why you're having a hard time digesting these days Bill. This stuff you see in politics is hard for your ilk to chew. Like the Sup. Courts ruling today. Liberals always stand up for the employee, not the employer, which makes as much sense as putting water in your gas tank. This decision hurts your ilk because you will find out now corporate America supports those who support corporations.

You need employers to make employees Bill.

Chew on that a while and let me know when you swallow it. I know these things are hard to understand but Capitalism is how we operate here in America.

I also see you’re having a hard time connecting the dots from New Jersey to Virginia and now Massachusetts. I can see why though. Why would you want to know where this country is actually headed? It’s just another isolated incident. It’s just another isolated incident. It’s just another isolated incident. It’s just another isolated incident. It’s just another isolated incident. It’s just another isolated incident. It’s just another isolated incident. It’s just another isolated incident. It’s just another isolated incident. It’s just another isolated incident.

Mary Margaret said...

You are celebrating the election of an abortionist to public office. God help you.

Uncle Slam said...

"You are celebrating the election of an abortionist to public office. God help you."

Scott Brown performs abortions? Because that's what an abortionist is. May God help you find and property use a dictionary.

Mary Margaret said...

Scott Brown admitted in a debate that he supported abortion. He said that abortion was the "law of the land' and he would not make any effort to overturn it. He supports the murder of thousands of babies every year! And you are making jokes about it and cheering that he was elected when he should be arrested! You have turned your backs on Christ and may God have mercy on your souls.

Eman said...

Hello Mary and welcome to my blog.

I have been working 13hrs. a day this week and have not been able to respond as I would like. Please allow me a moment to clarify my position.

I’m not only against abortion, I detest it. It is immoral, unethical and murder, plain and simple.

Scott Brown is pro choice. I live in Wisconsin and did not vote for him, but I do support his election over Martha Coakley. Here is why:

1.He is against Obama-care.

2.Obama-care, if made into law, would attempt to force us all to pay even more money for federally funded abortions than we already pay for now.

3.I am unwilling to support any Democrat because their entire agenda is immoral. I supported Brown because the Republican Party is pro-life in principle.

4.I want no part of Obama’s agenda to be enacted. To stop him one must support the Republican candidate. We have a two party system and voting third party is useless.

5. Scott Browns personal beliefs are not my concern. He does not represent me, he represents Mass.

I understand what you’re saying and telling me, but what would you have done? If you lived in Boston, whom would you have favored, supported and voted for?

I’m Pentecostal. I read God’s Word each day and apply it to my life. I know the cross is sufficient in all my shortcomings. My explanation or apology may not make you feel any better about me, and I’d be ok with that, but God knows my heart. I seek Him in all I do. In obedience to my faith, I supported the candidate closest to my beliefs. I’m sorry if it disappointed you. But the fact is I have no regrets for my $100.00 donation to his election. My letter which I enclosed with the money order spoke of my knowledge of his pro-choice stance and my opposition to it, and I asked him to reconsider his abortion posture. With prayer and God’s help, this will happen. As for the present, we needed him to stop the government for forcing us all to pay even more for abortions.

Please do respond. I look forward to hearing your perspective.

Thank you for commenting. God Bless you!

Uncle Slam said...

"And you are making jokes about it and cheering that he was elected when he should be arrested!"

Why should he be arrested? What law did he violate?

And you do realize the options in the senate race were: Brown, Coakley, and a Kennedy? Which would you choose?

Mary Margaret said...


While I appreciate your more civilized response, I have to point out that you're judged by the company you keep. And some of your commenters don't appear to be right with Jesus.

God bless

Uncle Slam said...

Mary Margaret, you didn't answer any of my questions.

And who are you to be making calls about "what's right with Jesus"?

I know Jesus as well as do you, and he doesn't play favorites ;)

May God Bless You and help you see the light.

Eman said...

Dear Mary,
While I agree with your statement about the company I keep, I allow all people to comment and view this blog. I submit to you that Jesus was in the company of prostitutes, tax collectors and all manor of riff raff of His era. He was there to shine God’s light and pierce the hard hearts of sinners. In my own way, I try to emulate that. I’m not Jesus, I’m not perfect, but Jesus is in me and He is obviously in you as well. I do not judge those who come here, I try to teach them and reach out to them. I fall short at times and emotions can run high in the political arena. I appreciate you because you kicked me in my complacency. I need that. But I love those who come here to comment or correct my musings. I’m not trying to rationalize or apologize, I ask only for you to add to the conversation instead of judging those who, from your unique perspective, seem off course or even rudderless. As Mother Teresa once said, “We can do no good thing, only small things with great love.” Let all of us seek to show great love and respect for each other as we seek God’s will for our day.

Uncle Slam said...

Very well put, Eman. The longest journey begins with one small step.