Thursday, January 14, 2010


There is an arctic gale force wind blowing into Washington this week. It is fierce, it is stinging and it’s coming in from of all places, Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Representatives are trickling back into DC this week from the Christmas break and if they are democrats they are shell shocked and road weary. Their stories are all too analogous and akin to one another: They held town hall meetings and listening sessions that were dominated by people who were telling them to vote no on Obamacare.

Like arrows from a crossbow, conservative talking points were launched at lawmakers across the country saying, “We are serious and we are watching you.”

This is why the special election in Massachusetts next week is so paramount: If Tea Party Republican Scott Brown wins in historically liberal Massachusetts, these democrat lawmakers psyche will be in the midst of a brain freeze: If Democrats can’t hold Teds old seat, they are all in danger of losing their jobs.

I have stated here a few times now that we are in the midst of a revolution the likes of which the people of our country have never seen. Not in theirs or my lifetime has there been such a groundswell from bottom to top towards the right of the political spectrum. To be part of this is to be part of history and knowing that this will deal liberals a blow so ruinous a generation may well be lost to the left because of the body of evidence they themselves have constructed.

The dig is this: Pelosi has the preverbal gun to their heads saying “Don’t you flip-flop on healthcare” and all the while these lawmakers know that if they do change their vote, it may save their job. How arrogant would they look going to these listening sessions and not listening to the people who they represent? Harry and Nancy are not only way off base in ramming through this socialist agenda, but they are in dire need of replacement. They are as responsible as Obama is for turning the country against the liberals and the Democratic Party.

Now I’ll grant you, there are many perspectives out there, some say the bill costs too much, some are mad because it contains no public option, some say it does not go far enough, others say it’s just bad law. Most are saying no to the bill because healthcare needs to be fixed but not by Washington.

The funny thing is these liberals could save themselves if they just changed their vote saying “I can’t vote for this because it is not what we promised the American people when we were elected and I have to vote against it” and they’d be saved: Simple as that!! But then there stands Nancy and Harry with their guns drawn telling them they will lose support of the party and this and that and the other thing… if they switch.

Oh how I love to see the left eating them selves.

The giddy feeling I get seeing my Senator Russ Feingold at a listening session with his fingers in his ears singing “la la la la la”… It’s just red meat for the red hearted. Nothing makes me happier. Russ has been so haughty and condescending in his listening sessions you know he won’t flip flop. And if he did, he’d assure himself a place on The Hill for a very long time.
As you can see, he's not in a listening mode.

So having explained it in a simple way, will the real Diogenes please stand up?

Yes or No, will you make the bet per the previous post? YES...or... NO?

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