Sunday, May 2, 2010


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Kim… Will you please stop looking for ways to be a victim. You really give the people in New Orleans a bad name. You cost me a whole nights sleep laughing myself silly. You just will never understand. You can’t. You just think everyone on the right is racist. Turn off the network news and come over to the right side. If you don’t, come November, you’re going to feel awfully alone.


Christopher said...

Can you imagine if laces were involved? LMAO

Kim June said...

OMG! You are the most pathetic person in America, aren't you? Jesus, Bill was right about you!

Kim, you are showing everyone here your compete ignorance. Your comment does not even deserve a response. Instead of insulting me, why not tell us about your experience or how your parents came here, or grand parents… But no, you have to come here and insult me and these patriots. If you have nothing constructive to add, then shut up!

You found some stupid video about a Korean student, because you are just that racist, aren't you? You don't have an answer, so you go to insulting people. You're just sad. I'm a first-generation Japanese-American, which I guess makes you a ninth-generation inbred-American, doesn't it?

(If you're curious, you can find some youtubes from a few years ago, when I went to visit Japan. I did some ads with some friends, but you can probably recognize me if you look - most of them are tagged "Kim Jun.")

I'm just curious - can you be this stupid and this racist all at once? Why don't you just pull out the hood and admit what a piece of slime you are?

Eman said...

Oh gosh... Make it stop!!

I can’t stop laughing now… Kim has just commented saying I found some video of a drunk Korean and called the guy Kim.

This is hysterical!!!

Umm… Kim old boy, the guy in the vidio is a white boy. He’s not Korean or Jewish or anything other than a symbol of your utter blindness.

Kim, out here in the REAL world, we use a thing called satire to illustrate just how much a buffoon the left is. It’s called humor. Yes Kimmy it’s all about you all the time and I’m a racist homophobe bigot hick from Wisconsin.

By the way you deliberately dumb “June” bug, I walked my daughter down the isle at her wedding and gave my blessing to her and her new husband, who just so happens to be African-American. It was his character that won me over and I was never more proud of her in my life other than the time she spent fighting in Iraq and catching that equally idiotic leader of the tyrannical world.

You my Albuquerque albatross are so far off base you’re not even in the green zone anymore. I’m laughing so hard now I can hardly type.

Behold the Kim and his Kim-dom

Eman said...

Dear Kim,

I know you could claim you are product of your environment. You could claim the nameless one has distorted your reality. You could tell us the cut of your jib tainted by confusion or even temporary insanity. You could say it was not you, that you were actually some cynic unable to control your actions being under some spell of wiccan decent. All of which we here at Pathetically Incorrect might be able to swallow, but let’s be honest here and tell it like it really is: You salivate at the likelihood I am racist or homophobic. I don’t do victimhood here Kimmy, and I never will. You need a new hobby. Like paintballs or crochet. But what you really need to do is stay out of the way of professionals who blog because they have something to say and know how to say it and do so with flare and gravitas. You have no blog, you have 15 hits on your profile, and you have no business being here telling me I’m a racist or anything else for that matter. Now, be sure to go tell your fudge-packing friend and his little lap dog about our encounter here so they can come running back here to defend their little boy toy.