Sunday, May 23, 2010


It would appear we here in fly-over America are fascist racists who care nothing about the misfortune of those who are of Mexican heritage. Mexico arrests and imprisons for a minimum of two years and then deports anyone in their country illegally. They ask for papers. They listen to accents and decide arbitrarily on the spot if you are in their country illegally. This is not racist.

Arizona makes a law giving the authority to their law enforcement officials to arrest anyone who, after being questioned for other reasons, is in America illegally. This is racist. The government says it is. Why? Well the best reason I can find is the government is now being run by a four headed monster visa vie the democrat, left, progressive liberals, who need these illegal intruders votes to win elections. They don’t want to protect our boarders. They believe everything is working fine.

So here’s the deal: We’ll see you to the door, or maybe to the boarder, but one thing is for sure: Those who stood and applauded the Mexican President this last week are in for a big kick in the ass.

See you in November.


DeanO said...

The standing, cheering and welcoming of the Mexican "President" chaps my hide. Righteous anger - I don't know which but what a crock

Eman said...

I know what you mean DeanO. These public display's of the four headed beast against our country are very telling. They call The Tea Party names like bigoted and racist yet here we see a prime example of what the lefts’ agenda is: To dismantle our constitution and our way of life.

Eman said...

I find it so revealing that many of the left wing blogs have stopped talking about their support for this president. He is becoming poison to the progressive movement and his venom is spilling into every aspect of lives of Americans. One thing I am sure of: The problem is not Obama. The problem is who is telling Obama what to say and do.