Friday, May 14, 2010


Here is a gimpse of The Revolution.
This is change we have to have, not change for the sake of change.
The liberals want roses and rainbows. We don’t play that here.
Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his 'confrontational tone'

We here at Revolution Central are all about shaking and waking America up.
We are not about deception and dishonesty or ramming trillion dollar
laws down the throats of the broke American taxpayers.
America is not about bowing and cow towing to the rest of the world.
America is fed up with The Fed and the trickery and cooked books from both sides of the isle.
This revolution is not about hope and it sure as hell is not change.
To move us forward we have to go back to what made us the best country on the planet.
We are not about saying we will get tough with Iran if they don’t come clean on their nuclear ambitions. We are not about saying Israel should stop building Jewish settlements on disputed land. We are not about apologizing for our shortcomings. These things embolden our enemies, undermine our allies and diminish The United States of America.
We are not about Teleprompters, and Chairman Mao ornaments on evergreens or saying Israel needs to be taught a lesson.

What the Revolution stands for is self reliance, self control, unshackled dreams and liberty. It’s about taxes being far too high for America to pull out of the recession we are in. It’s about government being responsible and respond-able. It’s become too big and too bloated to flex when problems like Katrina and oil spills in the gulf occur. We say if American business can downsize and streamline to be more efficient then government must too.
This means pain.
The biggest pain is the withdrawal from entitlements many Americans are hooked on.
It means if you need welfare, ok, but will you please pee in this cup so we can
know for sure you are not using welfare to support your criminal behavior?
As Ronaldus Magnus once said, “Trust but verify.”
We will not stand idle as Obama dismantles America.
We have arrived. We are the people.
We are sick of hope and tired of change.
We want clarity and we want freedom.
And by God we will have it.

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Liberty said...


I would like to say however that merely being "against" a certain set of goals and policies isn't enough. We can all be against something, but we need to be for solutions.

For instance, we can't just shut off all those people on welfare cold-turkey. It would create a social crisis. Instead, we'd have to scale back, letting people slowly get readjusted to keeping a job, readjusted to accepting help from family, friends, and their church instead of the government. I am for the gradual reduction of welfare and other SSN (social safety net) programs.

So you see, it does no good to merely be against a certain set of policies and ideas without something that will fill the vaccuum created by said policies and ideas. ;)

Teresa said...

I agree, Eman. We must help people become self-reliant so that they can end being reliant on all the government's social programs. These programs were meant to be temporary- for emergencies- and not to be a permanent attachment, or as entitlements for people to depend on forever.

I think there needs to be an incentive for people to work and get off of welfare and the other social programs. From what I know, people get penalized for working a certain number of hours, then there medical benefits are removed, and then this leaves the individual with no medical insurance coverage and there doesn't seem to be much of an incentive to find and stay at a job when the person can receive "free" medical coverage and payments from the government.

We should let them keep their medical coverage for free for a few of months, then charge a modest fee for a few months, and then hopefully they will be able to acquire health insurance through their job at that point in time.

Plus, we may need re-education programs, and programs to help them better their job skills. I know there are some programs already, but I believe more needs to be done to help people make their way out of poverty.

Liberty said...

Teresa- a better solution on the healthcare issue would be to end dependence on health insurance companies, period. They steal money from people, don't pay doctor's enough, have a stranglehold on our politicians, and are just in it for profit. The whole system is messed up.

Teresa said...

I agree. We need to go back to the way it was before there were health insurance companies. But, to do that someone would also have to figure out exactly what the cost of tests and surgeries are today since I doubt that the costs are as high as what the hospitals charge the insurance companies.

But, I doubt thats going to happen so my suggestion ( or something similar) might be the second or third best approach to help people stop being reliant on SSN programs.

Eman said...

Wow… Young lady, you have a lot to learn about capitalism.

So you say it would be better to end dependence on health insurance. Do you even understand how health insurance came to be or what the original purpose was?

Health insurance was supposed to protect the insured against catastrophic illness: Any illness that would mean long hospital stays, long recovery periods or long term disability. It was NOT made to cover the occasional doctors visits, check-ups, or general maintenance of your wellbeing. The fact is Liberty, if you don’t have health insurance, your odds are not very good you’ll make it to middle age without filing bankruptcy. Maybe one in twenty would pull that off.

They steel money from people. Excuse me? How so? There are premiums to be paid. Were you looking for free healthcare Liberty? Try Canada. It costs money to provide care and provide coverage for all the things Americans now want covered by their insurance Liberty. Companies provide health insurance for the same reason Harley Davidson provides motorcycles and McDonalds provides cheeseburgers: For Profit. What is so terrible about making a profit Liberty? Are these insurance companies supposed to provide you with health insurance out of the kindness of their hearts and be paid with your good looks? Last year the average health insurer made a 9% profit. So for every dollar they got they made nine cents Liberty. Wow that’s a huge rip-off.

A stranglehold on politicians. Well, if that’s true, then lets get some people in Washington who are not beholden to special interests. That would be your job… Oops, I forgot, you are not able to vote yet. Well… work for someone who you believe in then.

And could we please stop making the inference that profit is a bad thing. What is wrong with making money? What is wrong with charging enough so you have something to take home for your labor and cover the costs too?

Liberty said...

Nothing is wrong with making money Eman. What is wrong is taking advantage of doctors (and patients) through political maneuvering, as insurance companies do quite often. I have nothing against capitalism; I do have something against corporatism, which will eventually kill a country just as surely as socialism.

The thing is that insurance companies drive up the cost of health care, significantly so. I believe that if we didn't have them, our costs would be much lower. It's a vicious cycle- costs are high, so we have to have insurance, which drives up costs, which means we have to have more insurance...and on and on it goes.

You see, insurance companies will do everything in their power to not pay. They also don't pay the full cost to the doctor, meaning the doctor has to charge more so he gets more money from the insurance companies. (Although, in all fairness, the government hasn't helped that at all.) So it becomes an ever more vicious cycle. The insurance company, in turn, jacks up its rates so that it can get more money to pay more money out, which means the doctors in turn raise their prices...and on and on it goes. What is failing right now (and I do think our healthcare system is pretty seriously broken) is not capitalism but rather corporatism.

Teresa- I do think easing people off these social programs would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Actually the best solution I've heard is to eliminate most of the frivolous lawsuits (which drive up insurance costs, thus driving up health care costs) by enacting tort reform.

Pat Riot

Anonymous said...

Who gets to determine which is the frivolous lawsuit that gets eliminated?

Eman said...

Why you do Diorreah... of course.

Get lost lightweight. You're last years bad idea.

Liberty said...

Lawsuits do contribute to rising costs though. However, I also think there is no feasible way government could get rid of frivolous lawsuits. The answer lies in education.

Eman said...

You know… You’re right. I shouldn’t judge people so swiftly.

Maybe I should retract my comment. Maybe I should say I’m sorry.
I should turn a contrite cheek to the southwest.
Maybe I should reflect on my own character and see if there are impurities in my thought process.


Dio… It’s you. I know the web address of your shack on brokeback mountain you impudent little slime slurpper.
You couldn’t make friends with a corps. If all you’re going to do is come here and break your word (which makes you worthless) and fill us with your manure and methane, then deposit your stool speak someplace else. You’re a fossil too degraded to interest me any longer.

Anonymous said...

"Who gets to determine which is the frivolous lawsuit that gets eliminated?"

The juries decide, by way of awarding (or more accurately not awarding) claims.

After a few instances of the plaintiffs paying the charges for frivolous lawsuits, the system polices itself.

Regarding education being the key? That's a very vague statement. Would you care to expound on that please?

Pat Riot

Liberty said...

Pat- education about our system, education about the medical system, education about how the insurance system works. If people knew about this stuff, and could intelligently discuss their own health with their doctors, we might see a reduction in major interventions that are unneeded, and through that, perhaps a reduction in costs.

Anonymous said...

Education sounds like a very noble goal. It could change a great many things (possibly). How do you propose educating people about "the medical system" and "how the insurance system works"? Do we offer classes in such?

It seems like any time a problem arises, someone manages to use the phrase "we just need to educate". Call me a bit skeptical, but that pie-in-the-sky, feel good phrase is getting a bit worn out and merely comes off as a way to gather some cheap applause.

Pat Riot