Thursday, February 10, 2011


The following (chilling) opinion piece brings to light something many feared would happen. Those of us on the right feared it would happen and no one would report it in the puppet press. Michael Goodwin is blowing the whistle. His opinion piece follows:

Obama Strikes a Deal With the Devil
as Mideast Meltdown Continues
And so quietly, almost off-handedly, the Rubicon has been crossed. The United States of America, whose blood and treasure have been spilled fighting terrorism, is jumping into bed with radical Islamists.

By approving a role for the Muslim Brotherhood in a new Egyptian government, the White House is taking its engagement policy to a dangerous level. American taxpayer dollars will now help sustain the oldest Islamist group, one that helped launch Osama bin Laden on his murderous quest.

Perhaps this day was inevitable for an administration that refuses to say "Islamic terrorists," and claims "jihad" can be a good thing and Hezbollah has "moderate" elements.

But it is hardly inevitable that the Kumbaya approach will bring peace to the Middle East. More likely, it will be seen as Western weakness and beget even more violence against America and our allies.

The decision applies to Egypt, but it won't stay in Egypt. Nearly every Arab government is fighting radical groups that aim to eliminate our presence, Israel and Western-friendly leaders. Imagine what those leaders think about our willingness to endorse the Muslim Brotherhood, which helped spawn Hamas and similar groups.

We have pulled the rug out from under our allies. They have staked their lives and countries on our commitment to battle terrorists, and now we appear ready to make a deal that will put pressure on them to do the same.

Yes, I know, the Muslim Brotherhood insists it is no longer a radical group and doesn't advocate violence. But what they say is not what they do. Days after a leader of the group said Egyptians "should be prepared for war against Israel" and urged the country to stop sending natural gas to Israel, attackers blew up a gas pipeline to Jordan. The one to Israel immediately was shut down.

Not exactly the start of
a beautiful relationship.
But perfectly predictable.

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Teresa said...

Great post, Eman! I am really hoping that Obama's displays of weakness in his dealings with Egypt isn't going to end up having huge repercussions like Carter's dealings with Iran did.