Friday, February 11, 2011


During his State of the Union address, Barack Obama debuted a key phrase for his administration's plans this year: "Win the future." As the pop-culturally savvy know, this phrase reduces to the rather unfortunate acronym "WTF." Since this is a family blog I won't spell it out, but it's actually shorthand for a fitting reaction to most of the administration's actions.

Not to worry!! Enter Joe Biden, he of "BFD" fame, to straighten things out. Announcing a spectacular oversized new $53 billion rail system for the north east, Joe the Gaffer used the phrase "Seize The Future." This time, the unfortunate acronym is STFU. Of course, that's what Obama has been trying to tell Biden since day one.

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Teresa said...

The Obama admin could be summed up as the "WTF" administration. These libs just need to leave us the heck alone.