Thursday, February 17, 2011


It’s a war zone.
The unions are mad as hell
and they are making it hard on lawmakers.
They are all in Madison
screaming at the tops of their lungs.
None are yelling out ideas or answers or initiatives, just howling don’t take my money.
Everyone was told to wear
red today.
You see a lot of red in Madison but little elsewhere. This Revolution has some very serious
growing pains to get through before it rests.
Thousands called in sick.
They look sick to you? 
Nice example for their students.
And back at home...
The battle of principles continues.


Leticia said...

This is why unions don't work. May be in a time they were useful but not today. There are many laws that protect all workers, even illegals.

These types of demonstrations are not going to help anyone except incense people even more and nothing will be resolved.

Great blog!!

Teresa said...

The initial idea of unions was good but they have become like their previous oppressors, like bullies demanding ultimatums regardless of the consequences, and without regard for how it might affect the community as a whole. What Gov. Walker is requesting is reasonable and responsible. States and the Federal government can't go on running on deficits and having massive debt. Obama's gang of thugs encouraging teachers to call off sick in order to demonstrate, and the teachers doing just that goes against the responsibility they have to their students, and principles that they are suppose to abide by and display as public service professionals (only talking about those teachers who called off sick in order to organize, not necessarily those who are simply opposed to Gov. Walker's bill).

Eman said...

Leticia, thank you very much for stopping by and commenting as well. I think we could agree unions once were great for the labor force of this nation, but like most man made organizations, over time they became too big, too greedy and too powerful for anyone to control. One of the aspects I have been exploring is: How many people in those unions are in them against their will? They are forced into these unions because they had to join a union to work there. Two people I spoke with at Church who are in AFSCME, which is the same union as my wife, told me it was time to take the hit and they were not upset by Governor Walkers actions. My wife now is just worried as to how big a hit we will take. Most are coming to the reality now, some never will. You always have your die-hards who will fight to the end. Obama has sent his community organization he uses to campaign. They are stirring up hatred and vitriol in Madison. I believe had they not come here, this would’ve lost steam as members realized how big the majority is in this state. The artificial inflation of numbers by this union with kids and spouses and people bussed in from out of state were the primary things that kept this revolt alive for the five days it has gone on . I got-a tell yah, this has been a real war out here. I believe it has been eye opening to many and I think very few actually regret putting Scott Walker in office.

Eman said...

Teresa, bless your soul! You are a light in a very dark world. Over the years you have shown you are a stalwart conservative whose principles are built on the rock of our Redeemer. We are all blessed by your efforts, your words of hope and wisdom and your blog. Thank you for coming by and congratulations on your new carrier!! You are a blessing to me and my home. Thank you.