Monday, February 28, 2011


I must of hacked off someone,because they hacked me off...the air!

I'm touched. Honored. I can't tell you what this award means to me.

Finding the culprit they tell me is difficult but not at all impossible. I’m going to wear it like a badge of honor. This blog received over 790 hits during the first two weeks of Wisconsin’s battle to win back its state from tyrannical union rule. Suddenly I became the target of a hacker’s wrath, who did not simply take the blog down, oh no, they had to come with malice. Not sure what their motivation was to claim I had passed on. We may never know. Well Mr. Hack-blog I’m here to tell you you’re forgiven. I’ve decided to let you have your fun this once. I’m flattered you thought I was important enough to take out, but I don’t go easy.

To all those who sent their well wishes to my family and friends, I was deeply touched. Thank you. A special thanks to my wonderful friend Teresa who got the word out for me that I was in La Cross WI. at a Worship Leaders Conference. Imagine my surprise seeing that on my blog. Teresa placed a touching statement and video on her blog to honor my “passing” and then quickly did a one-eighty and told all our friends I was safe and sound. What you did was so nice Teresa. Thank you. How great it is to have friends such as these. For you who sent along their sympathies, I thank you, but they are a bit premature. But really, how great is it to have a network of friends who have not physically met, but we connect on so many levels. How Great is THAT?

HOW GREAT… HOW GREAT… Is God’s Amazing Grace…


Teresa said...

I enjoyed the music, Eric. You are an awesome, caring friend. I appreciate your kind words. I am so wishing that somehow we could meet in person in the near future. God Bless. Have a great day!

Leticia said...

Great video and again I am so happy you are alive and well!! I know we just "virtually" met on the net, but I know that as fellow believers and conservative we are friends.

God bless you and keep up this fantastic blog.

No Sheeples Here! said...


I'm a little late to this unfolding story, nonetheless greatly relieved to know that you are still here to stand guard over liberty.

God bless you.

Opus #6 said...

So glad to hear you are OK. Sorry that you got hacked.