Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Le Wimp"

If France, who's national anthem is "Surrender", calls us out on Iran, tell me, where are we now?

Is Iran building and designing a nuclear warhead? Did they stop work on such an endeavor in 2003 as American intelligence has suggested? Are they enriching nuclear fuel for medical reasons or for defence purposes.

The New Your Times article today says:

"When President Obama stood last week with the leaders of Britain and France to denounce Iran’s construction of a secret nuclear plant, the Western powers all appeared to be on the same page.

Behind their show of unity about Iran’s clandestine efforts to manufacture nuclear fuel, however, is a continuing debate among American, European and Israeli spies about a separate component of Iran’s nuclear program: its clandestine efforts to design a nuclear warhead.

The Israelis, who have delivered veiled threats of a military strike, say they believe that Iran has restarted these “weaponization” efforts, which would mark a final step in building a nuclear weapon. The Germans say they believe that the weapons work was never halted. The French have strongly suggested that independent international inspectors have more information about the weapons work than they have made public.

Meanwhile, in closed-door discussions, American spy agencies have stood firm in their conclusion that while Iran may ultimately want a bomb, the country halted work on weapons design in 2003 and probably has not restarted that effort — a judgment first made public in a 2007 National Intelligence Estimate.

The debate, in essence, is a mirror image of the intelligence dispute on the eve of the Iraq war.

This time, United States spy agencies are delivering more cautious assessments about Iran’s clandestine programs than their Western European counterparts.

The differing views color how each country perceives the imminence of the Iranian threat and how to deal with it in the coming months, including this week’s negotiations in Geneva — the first direct talks between the United States and Iran in nearly 30 years."

You know what? This is getting very strange and we have been here before.

Here's the answer: Who cares?

They withheld knowledge of a plant which enriches uranium. They had a plan to build...who cares if they ended it or not. They have thumbed their noses at the USA and the UN and the entire world for that matter. We blew a golden opportunity to change the leadership in this country and help the Iranian people.

What are we waiting for? Proof? We already have it.

The problem is we have a leader in America who has no stones and no idea how to open a can of woop-ass. I mean, come on, he's met the top man in the Afghanistan war ONCE since taking office. The guy couldn't win in Grenada if he had to.

Even leaders of terrorist nations love Obama: "My views are identical to the American views. We pray for him that he will be able to achieve the visions that he has in his mind and made it public and we are comfortable." Quote from Moammar Khadafy.

Another golden opportunity presented itself to Obama at the UN where he had a chance to really plaster the Iranian president to the wall and announce the clandestine nuclear plant Iran had, but he failed...on purpose. According to the Paris daily Le Monde and the WSJ: "President Obama wants a unified front against Iran, and to that end he stood together with Nicolas Sarkozy and Gordon Brown in Pittsburgh on Friday morning to reveal the news about Tehran's secret facility to build bomb-grade fuel. But now we hear that the French and British leaders were quietly seething on stage, annoyed by America's handling of the announcement. Both countries wanted to confront Iran a day earlier at the United Nations. Mr. Obama was, after all, chairing a Security Council session devoted to nonproliferation. ... With the world's leaders gathered in New York, the timing and venue would be a dramatic way to rally international opinion. ... But the Administration told the French that it didn't want to 'spoil the image of success' for Mr. Obama's debut at the U.N. and his homily calling for a world without nuclear weapons."

So, if I read this right, Obama's image is more important than the United States image in the grand scheme of things...Barf bag please!!

The only thing we have to fear is, Obama himself. Have we ever seen an ego this big in the Oval Office? Have we ever seen a weaker man?

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