Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well well… Look who is taking none of the flack or credit. This is so telling its’ smelling. Or is it more like…Swelling?

A Conservative Party candidate comes sooo close to winning when the Republican Candidate pulls out and endorses the liberal Democrat. And now the RINO’s are running for the hills.

Moderates are the most unprincipled rudderless indecisive people I know, and that is the only absolute they have. If you have no anchor you drift with the wind. In this case, the boat hit the rocks and all hands were lost.

Stand for something or fall for anything. All these cliché’s and not one moderate has listened.

We need leaders. Hoffman is a leader.

The opening shot in the 2010 election has dropped a rino in its tracks. Still think these tea parties and town halls were staged? If you do, you are not listening and you will never be heard.

Colin Powel, John McCain, Dede Scozzafava, Newt Gingrich, Y’all better get off the fence before the barbed wire cuts you up.


United Conservatives of America said...


The liberals better wake up and man up because the New Conservative Revolution is ON THE RISE.

Eman said...

Corzine outspent the Republican by five-to-one and the president put on a serious push for the incumbent. Corzine’s defeat sends a message that the nation is moving sharply against Obama. New Jersey is the quintessential blue state. If it goes Republican, blue state congressmen needn’t worry. Their districts are likely still safe.

But Virginia’s results are the most important. More than 80 Democratic congressmen and twenty senators come from states that John McCain carried in 2008. For them, the sudden switch in Virginia, a swing state that Obama actually carried, portent tough political times ahead. These votes, in Virginia in particular, show the limits of Obama’s appeal. The winner, Bob McDonnell, won the attorney general’s race in the last election by a few tenths of a percent over the same opponent. That he coasted to so huge a victory in the swing state of Virginia sends a message to red-state Democratic congressmen: Obama may be able to survive in the deep water into which he is leading his party, but you can’t.