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You lefties and your daily vitriol foisted on the conservative cause are getting just pathetic. What David Letterman said on his show Wednesday is being defended by ladies on The View, MSNBC, CNBC, and CNN. Sarah Palin and her 14 year old daughter get skewered by this old man who has forgotten what is funny and the puppet press parrot the party line to make it ok. ‘He didn’t mean it. He was talking about the 18yr old daughter” like that’s ok.

You defend what this President is doing when the first thing out of new General Motors’s CEO’s mouth is “I don’t know anything about making cars…” Now THAT’S FUNNY!!
I could not stop laughing at this.

The following is an article I thought sums it up pretty well:

Painting the Right as an undifferentiated blob of evil.
By Jonah Goldberg

When an abortion provider in Wichita, Kans., was murdered, the predictable chorus pointed fingers at Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly. After all, O’Reilly had said that George Tiller was a “baby killer” and had railed against the doctor’s late-term abortion practice for years. He must be to blame! No one bothered to ask whether Tiller’s accused murderer had ever watched O’Reilly, or to ponder whether a militant pro-life extremist really needed a talk-show host to tell him anything he didn’t already know about one of the less than a dozen doctors in the country who still performed third-trimester abortions.

But never mind. Such details don’t matter when you’re trying to delegitimize people.

Now we have James von Brunn. He is an 88-year-old loon, considered a dangerous nut even within the dangerous-nut community. He took his gun and shot up the Holocaust Museum and murdered a guard. Reporting suggests that von Brunn wanted to fulfill his revenge fantasies against the Jewish-neocon globalist cabal, which apparently outsources much of its work to the Bush family. A 9/11 truther, convinced that the bagel-snarfing, string-pulling Jooooooooooozzz are behind everything, von Brunn is the kind of fanatic the zombies who talk to themselves at the bus station would give a wide berth.

But, of course, we have Sarah Palin to thank for von Brunn. So says some genius at the Daily Kos. A competing braniac at the Huffington Post says, “Thank you very much Karl Rove and your minions.” Pretty much the entire media establishment is comfortable labeling von Brunn as a member of the “far right.” Putting aside other objections to that nomenclature, if von Brunn is a member of the far right, then it would be helpful and journalistically responsible if the press would start calling Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, et al., moderates and centrists.

That won’t happen, because the whole point of these exercises is to paint the Right as an undifferentiated blob of evil.

Never mind that von Brunn isn’t a member of the far right. Nor is he a member of the far left, as some on the right are claiming. He’s not a member of anything other than the crazy caucus. Von Brunn’s True North is conspiratorial anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. He’s not a member of the Christian Right. In fact, he denounces Christianity — just as Hitler did — as a Jewish plot against paganism and Western vigor. Nor is he a capitalist. Again, just as Hitler did, he hails socialism as the solution to the West’s problems.

Still, if we are going to play this game where we take the words of politicians and pundits, compare them to the words of murderers and psychopaths, and then assign blame accordingly, then let’s blame the New York Times, Chris Matthews, left-wing blogs everywhere, and the academics who penned The Israel Lobby (which blames a fifth column of Israel loyalists for our troubles).

After all, for years, mainstream liberalism and other outposts of paranoid Bush hatred have portrayed neoconservatives — usually code for conservative Jews and other supporters of Israel — as an alien, pernicious cabal. “They have penetrated the culture at nearly every level from the halls of academia to the halls of the Pentagon,” observed the New York Times. “They’ve accumulated the wherewithal financially [and] professionally to broadcast what they think over the airwaves to the masses or over cocktails to those at the highest levels of government.”

NBC’s Chris Matthews routinely used the word “neocon” as if it was code for “traitor.” He asked one guest whether White House neocons are “loyal to the Kristol neoconservative movement, or to the president.” Von Brunn may have wondered the same thing, which is why he reportedly had the offices of Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard on his hit list.

Unhinged Bush-hater Andrew Sullivan insists that “The closer you examine it, the clearer it is that neoconservatism, in large part, is simply about enabling the most irredentist elements in Israel and sustaining a permanent war against anyone or any country who disagrees with the Israeli right.” Leading liberal intellectual Michael Lind warned about the alarming fact that “the foreign policy of the world’s only global power is being made by a small clique” of neoconservative plotters.

Even with Bush out of the picture, some see the problem emerging again. Just this week, Jeremiah Wright, the president’s longtime mentor and pastor, whined that “Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me.”

Maniacs like von Brunn connect dots that aren’t there because that’s what paranoid anti-Semites do. What’s the Left’s excuse?

End Article:

But you hear silence from the people who will stand by this President come hell or high water. Not one specific was given in the Green Bay speech on health care. Look at Obama’s plan and look up socialized medicine and see if you can get your critical thinking skills back from the brink of lost. Reading Miranda Rights to Afghanistan war prisoners and the Obama administration knows nothing about it?
Don’t insult me Mr. President. You know damn well what you’re doing and it follows in the footsteps of the Clinton Administration where they treated these terrorists like crooks. My critical thinking calls into question the validity and the thought process of this President on seemingly everything he touches.

Please Mr. Obama, keep it up. Keep doing what you’re doing. I can’t wait to see the results in November 2010 and 2012. Please keep it up!!!

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Nameless Cynic said...

Oy. OK, first of all, I'm going to assume that my response in our previous thread didn't make it through - you've been pretty good about printing my little rants (God knows Diogenes seems to be having problems getting past your censors).

I'm sorry, but your opening salvos are a little pathetic. Please say you're smart enough not to fall for the "14-year-old daughter" nonsense. Letterman heard that Palin was there with "her daughter" - are you really trying to claim that he made a "knocked-up" joke about anybody but Bristol, the poster-child for abstinence education? Come on, we're trying for honesty here, aren't we?

Jonah Goldberg? Author of Liberal Fascism - who defines "fascism" as "anything I don't personally believe in?" The man is so full of his own self-importance and the universality of his unique perspective that he can't even see where his logical leaps and false analogies begin to dip into the ludicrous.

And this article is just another example of the Far Right trying to paint themselves out of a corner.

Bill O'Reilly routinely shouts people down, cuts their mike, and denies them the right to finish a sentence, much less make a complete argument. We've had years of the Right invoking "unamerican," "unpatriotic" and countless other terms stripped of their meaning, in an effort to prevent anyone from arguing with them.

And now these same forces have the cancerously-expanded testicles to claim that the First Amendment allows them to say whatever they want, without regard of the consequences?

Let's back up and look at the DHS report on right-wing extremism. When it came out, Goldberg and others screamed ad nauseum about how it said that all right-wingers are terrorists. Which is both a complete misreading of the report and a gross exaggeration of the facts.

See, what Goldberg is trying to do is to deflect the attention away from the actual motives of James Von Brunn, and at the same time, continue the myth that the DHS report of two months ago, regarding right-wing extremists, was wrong.

So let's go back to the report. Derided by the right, what exactly did it say?

— (U//LES) DHS/I&A has concluded that white supremacist lone wolves pose the most
significant domestic terrorist threat because of their low profile and autonomy—separate from any formalized group—which hampers warning efforts.

— (U//FOUO) Similarly, recent state and municipal law enforcement reporting has warned of the dangers of rightwing extremists embracing the tactics of “leaderless resistance” and of lone wolves carrying out acts of violence.

— (U//FOUO) Arrests in the past several years of radical militia members in Alabama, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania on firearms, explosives, and other related violations indicates the emergence of small, well-armed extremist groups in some rural areas.

Now, if this report was wrong, please explain James Von Brunn. And Scott Roeder. And James Adkisson. And Richard Poplawski.

For that matter, please explain the rise of right-wing violence across the country. There's nothing particularly new about it, but why are we seeing such a rise?

Here's the thing. If you have Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh talking about these blatantly stupid lies, like "DHS reeducation camps" or "Obama is a Muslim/communist/socialist/anti-american/selling us out to the terrorists," and any one of the thousands of brain-dead chuckleheads who've been feeding off the lies of the Bush Administration (as filtered through the mouth of Karl Rove), and now believe that Obama is the anti-Christ, sent to earth to bring down "the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the earth," do you think that maybe this same chucklehead might be incited to violence? Maybe?

I'm just curious.