Thursday, June 18, 2009

This has been a very interesting month on this blog. Suddenly, a very peaceful yet poignant discussion on the events taking place in Washington took a turn. A turn I did not solicit nor deserve. Two very liberal individuals, one with his own blog, the other does not, attempted to give their side of the issues posited by me. Diogenes was the first, and it began as pure derogatory comments. It soon exploded into a war of words, the likes of which I am ashamed to say I participated in whole heartedly.

I am not proud of the exchanges we had. Especially disconcerting was the way I was dragged down to the level of name calling and playground like backbiting which was started by these two uninvited guests. At times it seemed they forgot they were guests and acted in a way so excessive it caused me to lash out. Just because we are politically polarized does not mean we have the right to personally attach each others charactor. I’m not prone to such behavior. I stand by the words I post but when challenged by these people who came in with guns blazing and swearing, I reacted badly, and in some ways, contrary to my lifestyle. For this I beg forgiveness with a contrite heart. The written word can sometimes be misinterpreted and in most cases of conflict it translates in ways unbecoming of the writer. This is regrettable.

That being said, I never came close to using the words these two used to make their points. After attempts were made to get them to stop being so disparaging and offensive fell on deaf ears, I had to adjust. So tactless and inane were their comments I had to, for the first time in 7 yrs of blogging, moderate the comment portion of the blog. This was disappointing and unfortunate. Even after doing so, these liberal sledgehammers would not stop. I now have chosen to remove their ability to post, their ISP addresses being blocked now and further comments will not be seen by me. I have reported their actions to BlogSpot and they are looking at the comments I forwarded to them in the hope these two people, who seem to care not for country or character, find ways to express their ideas without the crud, rude and inconsiderate utterances prone to liberal minds.

So, that being said…. Lets move on >>>

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