Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I really need to smack this down because it’s just fluff and rhetoric. Nameless Cynic aka Bill wrote a response to Ten Nugent’s artical placed on my blog. In this “Open Letter” to Ted he says things so derogatory and insignificant that I will not let it go without some light of truth here. Bill states Ted’s line and then retorts. Let me cut and paste so I can respond before Bill is sought out and verbally and physically vaporized by “The Sledge”

Bill says: “Let's start with the title. I mean, you have a perfectly good bumper-sticker slogan, but you rush to explain what you means in the first six words people are going to see, instead of letting the rest of the column explain it.”

Ted said, "The Party of 'Know,' Not 'No."

Bill says: “You should have cut that off after the first four words, Ted. Let me draw you an analogy. (Oh, sorry: an "analogy" is where you compare two things and show where they're a lot alike. I'll try not to use too many of them educated words on you.)

This is like when you're playing along on a guitar solo, and you realize that you repeated a phrase one time too many. If you repeat something too often, it gets redundant... sorry. It gets "boring." (No, really - that word had nine whole letters. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better.)”

Eric's Reply: This is just a snide hit with zero substance at a man who has stated what he believes. Bill can’t accept what Ted believes, or what anyone else believes for that matter, because if you don’t believe what Bill says, you’re wrong, because Bill says you are. Because Ted uses strong words to make his point, Bill is prone to make his point by demeaning and attempting to humiliate others, as well as Ted. As you will see in the next paste:
Ted says:“In an effort to deflect criticism of (the Democratic leadership's) ongoing program to bankrupt the entire nation”.
Bill replies: OK, Ted, right off the bat you get it wrong. The Democrats are trying to fix everything that Bush and company screwed up over the last eight years. (I mean, you do know that it was Bush who started this whole bank nationalization/bailout thing, right?)
“Let the guitar boy help the spelling-challenged Democrats understand what the bedrock of the Republican Party -- conservatives -- instinctively know.”

Bill replies: Well, Ted. Sorry, I only wish that the conservatives had control of the Republican party. Sadly, the neocons, religious lunatics and the inbred have taken it over. I had respect for the Republican party once, but lately they're just sad and outdated. And very, very wrong. Much like your column.

Eman here...This is just false and durogitory and totally inept. If that were true, they never in a million years would have nominated John McCain to represent them as their president. It’s just a lie. The Republicans may be searching for a leader, but McCain was not it because many of them voted for Obama because the base was ignored.

Bill continues: “Sometimes, the things that you think you know turn out to be horribly wrong. People used to think that the world was flat. As it turns out (I'm not sure you're aware of this), they were wrong.

You hang out with musicians, Ted; you're used to the people around you having a ridiculously high unemployment rate. For the rest of the country, that isn't considered a good thing.

So let's see what else you messed up on.”

Eric responds:How does Bill know Ted surrounds himself with the unemployed? Is it because he comes from that liberal stronghold of jobs aka Michigan? Why does he say it? I have to believe it’s because he likes to hear himself speak and simultaneously think he’s God’s gift to truth.

Ted says: We know that stimulating the economy and getting America growing again begins with tax cuts across the board, including payroll, corporate and individual taxes.

Bill responds: Look, Ted, I know that you're rich. And I know that you miss your tax cuts. But you're really going to have to pay a little bit. The country is in trouble, and it needs your help. I thought you loved this country. Why do you want it to fail?

I'm sorry. Things aren't like they were back when Bush was in office. (We already covered the fact that Bush was the major force screwing all this up, right?)

Eman says: Yeah Bill, like YOU pay for your music downloads. First Bill says Ted hangs around with the unemployed, then he calls Ted rich. Like most liberals, he groups people and has it both ways, only this time he nearly does it in one breath. The country is in trouble because the stimulus package stimulated nothing, not one thing save one: government growth. Government produces nothing. Government increased payrolls by thousands. Government employees pay no federal taxes Bill. That means less people paying taxes and those people who do pay, pay more. This is the creep of socialism.

Ted says: We know that prosperity can not be brought about by taxing, borrowing and spending trillions of dollars.

Bill responds: OK, here's another new word for you - "oversimplification." You're taking a big problem, and trying to sum it up in less than twenty words.

The sad part is, to explain this to you, I've got to do the same thing. So try this: poor people need jobs. The business people aren't giving them out.

Eric: WOE!!! OK ..STOP RIGHT THERE!!! Business people aren’t giving out jobs because they have to cut back because of huge tax increases on business. Talk about oversimplification Bill, you can’t ask business for more money and expect them to hire too. If you let them keep more of what they make, they have more for employees. NOW THAT’S PRETTY SIMPLE…Bill just can’t get his mind around it

Bill continues: The government has work it needs done. So the government gives them jobs. This helps the poor people out. (Eman says: WHAT? The government hires the poor??? This is total crap!!!) And now the government needs to get the business people to start hiring, too.

Again, I'm sorry - I know this is confusing for you. It's a big problem. It takes a big plan, not small words.

Eric: Don’t be sorry Bill, we understand your public education on economics impairs your ability to think rationally. It’s not your fault Bill.

Ted says: We know the economic producers cannot be punished without also punishing the working class.
Bill responds: Wow. By that philosophy, business people can do whatever they want and never face any consequences. Of course, I guess that you don't produce much of anything except music, so maybe you don't understand business, either.

Excuse me Bill, Eman here, What business is it or yours or the governments what a business makes or does or pays it’s employees? What you want is SOCIALIZOM so you and the president can dictate what we make. It’s WAR on PROSPERITY!!! This land never did this in the past and became the greatest nation in the world. Now you and Obama think you have a better way, a way that has been tried and never once worked in the history of the planet!!


Bill again: (Oh, how is that whole "music" thing going for you? Did anybody buy that album you did two years ago? Even with the help of your Damn Yankees friends?)

AGAIN Bill sees a need to be snide and obtuse. Equate to liberal minds.

We know that GM and Chrysler will ultimately fail because they are now being run by the federal government and the labor unions.

You really don't know the difference between "stockholder" and "management," do you? Wow, you don't know jack-shit about business.
Bill, you don’t know jack about shit much less business, you are proving it with your own words here.

Ted says: We know energy independence includes drilling off-shore and building many new nuclear power plants...
Bill responds: "...because completely destroying the environment will make everything better!"

Bill, the French get 80% of their power from nuclear. How has that damaged anything at anytime in your lifetime? Technologies today make storage of spent nuclear fuel safe and effective. Or are you still thinking from the 70’s???

Bill continues: Christ, Nuge. I know reading is hard, but the information is out there. Instead of just spouting off, you could actually look around. Best estimates tell us that even if we drilled on every inch of coastline, it would work out to one percent of daily consumption, and wouldn't kick in for ten years. It wouldn't do much of anything for us.

Here we see Bill invoking the name of my savior to make a point that is so faulse it is a joke. One word from President Bush last year saying we were lifting the ban on drilling and oil fell nearly $20.00 a barrel in a week. Know why? Because if we did drill, the supply would explode and Bill overlooks this because of convenience, and lack of common sense.

I thought you were a big supporter of conservation? What happened to that?

No, you thought wrong Bill, Ted is a drug free rocker. Has been all his life. And he is a hunter, big time hunter. A Big game hunter.

And nuclear power? Well, studies by the people actually building them tell us that building a new nuclear power plant costs more per kilowatt hour produced than any other type of power plant. Weird, isn't it?

Eric says: And it’s also a clean fuel to build a bridge to the new fuels of the future Bill, and it works.
I mean, there's other reasons, but I'm trying to keep this simple for you.

Your simplicity come out of necessity Bill, and has nothing to do with Ted’s ability to out-think you or out gun you.

And let's ignore that we don't know what do do with the nuclear waste we already have lying around. Oh, wait! You have all that land in Michigan, and probably some other land! You should volunteer to store it for us!

Eric says: Why not take it to Michigan? Everyone’s moved out of the place. No jobs, no money, all because of a LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC GOVENOR AND LEGISLATURE!! This would bring jobs to a job-starved state!!

Ted says: We know that bailing out failing businesses with tax dollars is not what our founding fathers had in mind.

Bill Responds: Why do overwrought Republicans keep bringing up the Founding Fathers as if they were gods or something?

Eric says: No Bill, they’re not Gods, they are the ones who sacrificed their lives, their money, their families and everything they had for Freedom, the very thing you and Obama want to regulate. Not me, not now, not ever. Ted would back me on that.

Bill continues: It's true. The Founding Fathers didn't think of that. Of course, for that matter, using the internet, mass production, and the concept of a "global economy" were also not figured into their equations.

To which I reply: Bill…Master Of The Obvious~~~ What difference does that make. They were right Bill. They knew people like you would come along and destroy the very fabric of our freedoms. Ted knows too.

Bill continues: Do you really think that a pre-industrial society is the best source for economic advice? See, that's something else you missed out on in school, Nuge. It was called "history."

Ted says: We know that more gun control laws will not reduce violence but will instead create more victims. We know that more guns equal less crime.

Bill replies: Hey, that's right! And since the United States has more guns than any other industrialized country, we must have less crime!

Actually, not so much. The overall US crime rate is pretty much the same as in other, similar countries, except for violent crimes: our homicide rate is three to five times higher than anybody else's. So really, guns haven't reduced crime, and the fact that they're easy to get has killed a lot of people. Where's the upside here?

Wrong-O Bill-O… Where concealed carry is the law, crime is down. Way down. Look up TEXAS!!

Bill continues: And you keep going! I've already written more than you did, and I'm only halfway through. I mean, my god, Ted! How can you stand to be so wrong on every subject? Is the ADHD really that much of a problem at your age?

Tell you what, Teddy. You stick with playing the guitar, and leave the deep thinking to the people who can actually do some of it, OK?

Yes, like good ol’ Bill here. Who has all the answers to all the questions capitalists have about socialism.

You know, it might be fun to debate someone who can really debate. bill likes to put links in every other line he types. Yeah Bill, now I know I've debated someone who believes everything he sees on the internet. I have lost any ambition at all to allow this person to comment. His ideas and his lack of taste, as well as his rude personality are not meant for my blog. Have a nice day Mr. Bill. You've been told to get off about a dozen other blogs, so, make it a bakers dozen. Bye now~~~


Diogenes said...

You're an obnoxious prick. (I tried to think of a nicer way of saying it, but there really isn't any.)

Throughout Bill's post ON HIS OWN BLOG he addressed Ted Nugent, not you. You did NOTHING but attack Bill throughout your "response". And then you ban him, too, when he didn't even post on your stupid little blog?

Talk to yourself, dimwit -- it's the only chance you ever have of winning an argument. You're used to playing with yourself, so learning to talk with yourself is pretty simple.

Eman said...

You speak of things you do not know Dio-genious. He did post. I just haven't moderated it yet.

I do hope this means you're leaving. Don't go away mad Dio...

Ronny, what do we have for parting gifts for ... Oh...we don't give parting gifts.

How silly of me. I thought I cared.

Gonna have to fix that.

Eman said...


Seemsnow that more people commited suicide because of the King of pop's death then troops died in the last month in the war...hummmmmm...